Is Rosehip Oil Really Good for Acne?

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Is Rosehip Oil Really Good for Acne?

According to Dr. Marie Segovia, a dermatologist, rose hip oil is super good for acne-prone skin. Rosehip seed oil is rich in skincare vitamins A and E. It’s also very high in essential fatty acids – in fact, 77% of its composition is fatty acids – including linoleic and linolenic acids. It was primarily for the oil’s linoleic acid content that you should start using it on your skin.

You see, the natural sebum that seeps out of our pores to moisturize our face and protect our skin from bacteria is normally made of linoleic acid. But if you don’t produce enough linoleic acid, your sebum becomes made of oleic acid, which is thicker and dryer than linoleic acid and more prone to clog pores, resulting in whiteheads and cysts.

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