Top 3 Over-The-Counter Anti-Fungal Cream for Athlete’s Foot Medication

“Ringworm of the feet:” it is unhealthy, insanitary, irritating, skin damaging, and a total beauty turn off. Having Athlete’s foot can be a little mind bothering. It does not only ruin the beauty of your skin, it also places your entire well being at risk of fungal infection. Commonly, we identify Athlete’s foot as the unwanted peels and cracks around and in-between our toes. Some may not take this condition seriously, but for your health safety, you should immediately seek a remedy for this fungal infection as soon as you acquire it.

For the convenience and benefit of all athlete’s foot sufferers, following are the best three over-the-counter creams for Athlete’s Foot treatment.

3. Tinactin. This antifungal cream should be included in your pharmacy list if you have developed Athlete’s foot. Primarily, Tinactin cream relieves the burning and itching sensation caused by the fungi infestation. It is composed of tough cellular protein compounds and an active ingredient called Tolnaftate that rapidly eliminates almost all kind of athlete’s foot. Tinactin is one of the most suggested brands of antifungal cream for athletes and sports enthusiasts.


2. Lotrimin Ultra. This full strength antifungal remedy provides fast relief for itching, cracking and burning effect of athlete’s foot. It eradicates scaling of the skin, and helps your skin cells renew in no time. Its primary component is Butenafine Hydrochloride, which is proven to be highly effective in reducing and removing fungus in your skin area.


1. Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal Cream 1% USP. This top most anti-fungal solution is highly effective in removing Athlete’s foot compared other topical medications. The cream’s active ingredient, 1% Clotrimazole, offers the most cost saving but highly effective remedy to yeast infections like ringworm and jock itch. Consumers primary opt this solution because of its fast and reliable effect in removing athlete’s foot and any other fungi-related problems.


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