10 Best Christmas Gifts Below $25 for 5-7 Years Old Boys

Your little boy is finally entering elementary school. The age of tantrums and constantly hearing “NO!” is finally over, yet Christmas shopping remains almost as difficult. Kids in this age range love to play creative pretend games; how do you encourage this type of educational play, short of a $50 dress up set? Don’t fret—we have some ideas! Below, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for 5 to 7-year-old boys, all under $25.

10. Crayola Inspiration Art Case with Minions


Help your son or nephew discover his inner da Vinci with this huge art case from Crayola. For just $19.97, kids will have over 150 crayons, markers, and colored pencils from which to choose. Little boys will love the very popular Minions theme, while parents will love that the set comes with Minion-themed coloring book pages, a great activity for kids on long car trips during the holidays. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

9. Lego Classic Creative Brick Box


Legos are a classic for a reason—kids can build just about anything they can dream of. Not only is this great fun for your school-aged boy, it encourages creativity and higher thinking about design. At only $13.99, you can’t turn down this box of over 200 Legos in unique colors and sizes. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

8. Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only


At this age, kids start to love Harry Potter and other fantasy stories. Take advantage of this trend with this $14.75 “Magic Science Kit.” Your little boy will learn valuable science skills and thus be ahead of his young classmates. At the same time, he’ll be able to expand his imagination through role-playing different fantasy ideas, including magic wands, glow-in-the-dark potion, and a crystal ball. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

7. Matchbox On A Mission: Garage Adventure Set


Is your son or nephew the type to hold their breath in excitement when cars and trucks are passing? This $24.45 garage set is the gift for them. He will feel like he’s playing in the real thing, as the garage has a realistic design and working parts. Parents will love that the toy encourages imaginative games and questions about technology and design. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

6. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike


This gift is perfect for the little boy that wants to feel all grown-up. Starting from $25 on Amazon.com, this toy looks like a realistic motorcycle, while containing all the safety features of a typical trike. Kids will love “starting” the motorcycle with its included key and putting other toys in the storage panel below the seat. Parents will appreciate how the trike encourages exercise and fresh air. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

5. Power Rangers Dino Charge: Raptor Zord with Charger


For years, little boys have loved the Power Rangers, on TV and in their toys. Your son or nephew will have hours of great role-play with this $14.99 Raptor Zord toy. If he’s a fan, he’ll be glad to know that this toy can be built into other Power Rangers toys to create new objects. Also, the toy comes with its own “Dino Charger” for “powering up.” Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

4. NFL Pillow Pet


Bedtime will be a struggle no more when your little boy has this $11.99 pillow pet to look forward to. He’ll drift off to sleep each night thinking of his favorite team and his own football player goals. Parents will be happy that the pillow is made of soft, easily cleaned plush, and uses high-quality embroidery. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

3. Minions Dancing Stewart


Today, kids can’t get enough of the ever-popular Minions toys. This plastic figure moves eyes and feet, interacts with music, and recognizes and responds to voices, all for just $24.43. Your little boy will have hours of fun playing this toy, and, due to its popularity, will be the most popular kids on the block before you know it. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. ZOOB Inventors’ Kit


For only $20.24, this kit presents limitless possibilities. Little boys can use their imaginations to build anything they dream of, including animals, buildings, cars, or something completely unique. If they need help getting started, the kit comes with instructions for 40 different designs; some have even won annual competitions. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack


It’s a classic gift, but you can never go wrong with this $23.39 Hot Wheels gift set. Kids will play all sorts of imaginative games using these 20 unique cars; they’ll be occupied for hours on Christmas morning alone! Expect durable cars and wheels that really function. You’ll be the parent, aunt, or uncle of the year with this set, our top gift for inexpensive Christmas gifts for boys ages 5-7. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

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