Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Boys Ages 8 – 11

As your little boy wraps up elementary school and starts heading towards the tumultuous teenage years, shopping for his Christmas becomes harder and harder. After all, he’s going to turn down the Tonka truck that’s been popular for so many years. What do you buy your tween boy that won’t be met with an eyeroll? Never fear—we’re here to help. Below, we’ve listed the top 10 Christmas gifts for boys ages 8-11. Keep reading for affordable, educational toys that will always put a smile on his face.

10. ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro


At this age, kids want to explore their creativity more than anything. With this “Draw Like A Pro” art set, he can draw anything that he dreams of. The projector set includes 124 sides; the possibilities are really endless. Incredibly, the studio doesn’t end there. It includes six markers and ten sheets of paper, so the art can begin right away. With this studio set, he’ll be the next Van Gogh in no time. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

9. Elenco Science Tech T-Rex Skeleton 36″ Scale Replica Model


Tween boys always see themselves as cutting edge explorers. With this dinosaur model, you can nurture his interests and help him realize how cool real science can be. The model is designed to scale, and the pieces look very realistic. He can put it together once and leave it, or take it apart and redesign again and again. With this toy in his room, he’ll be begging for trips to the natural history museum all the time by next Christmas. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

8. Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Figure


With the release of this month’s sequel, Star Wars is back in style, and little boys can’t get enough of it. Depending on his interests, he can keep this action-ready figure on display or play with it in imaginative ways. The Obi-Wan figure is one of many in a set. Your son or nephew will be super excited to try and collect them all. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

7. Spirograph Deluxe Design Set


Remember this classic toy from your youth? It’s back, and soon it will be more popular than ever! Kids will love making all kinds of spiral designs with this deluxe set. Even if he isn’t the most imaginative kid in the world, your little boy will be able to explore his creative side with help from this 45-piece set, which includes rings, wheels, a rack, pens, and more. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

6. Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase


Do you have a budding entertainer in the family? Help him develop his extroverted side in a productive way with this huge magic set. It has everything from the hat to the wand, the magic cards to the portable table. He’ll learn a lot from the included DVDs, which features supernatural instruction from star magician Ryan Oakes. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

5. Revell First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Building Kit


Again, tween boys really cannot get enough of the Star Wars franchise. You’ll be mom or dad of the year if you buy him this building kit. He’ll feel like a true Jedi as he puts together his own TIE fighter, which he then can play creative games with. You little boy will be able to develop his creativity and building skills, all while reveling in his favorite film. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

4. Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit


Here’s another opportunity to encourage budding exploration and, in turn, high grades in science class. With this colorful and unique kit, your little boy will, through hands-on learning, understand how circuits work. It’s fun, too; the kit lights up and features an organ that can play MP3s. His favorite songs will create new and exciting patterns throughout the light-up circuits. Science education has never been so amusing! Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

3. Power Rangers Dino Charge – Ptera Charge Megazord Action Figure


Little boys have absolutely loved Power Rangers. Even as he ages out of some of his favorite toys, this one will remain an absolute classic for years to come. This figure encourages very imaginative play—it has two “morph” modes built right in. It also includes a special “dino charger” for powering up. If he loves Power Rangers so much that one toy isn’t enough, don’t fret—this figure is just one of a set with many different “morphing” toys. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Minions Stuart Interacts with Guitar


Speaking of favorite characters, it seems like the round, yellow Minions are everywhere we turn lately. Little boys of all ages will love this interactive toy. It features realistic eye and arm movements, an original voice, and, of course, musical capabilities. By next Christmas, your son or nephew will love “Stuart” so much that he’ll want a guitar of his own. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Thames & Kosmos TK1 Telescope & Astronomy Kit Science Kit


Still can’t get enough of the educational and fun toys? Try this amazing astronomy kit. He’ll feel like a true scientist with the included telescope—it can see multiple planets, the moon, and even other galaxies. With the (included) different lense, he can see all kinds of happenings here on earth as well. Parents will love the highly educational aspect of this kit, along with the durable aluminum tripod. Expect hours of totally academic fun with this kit, our top pick for a tween boy’s Christmas gift. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

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