Best 3 Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Best 3 Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

1. Sonic Boom SBH400 Sweetheart Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock. This alarm clock is king among any other alarms. Why? Imagine 113 decibels of extra-loud alarm plus a rigid 12-volt bed shaking vibration to fully wake you up. It is also equipped with flashing alert lights and is equipped with 12/24 hour time capability. To add, you will also have 5-level dimmer and test function to ensure that your alarm buddy has been set up properly. It also has a battery back up to make sure your alarm won’t fail you.

best-alarm-clock-for-heavy-sleepers2. I Bright LLC Talking Kitten Cat Shape Talking Alarm Clock. It’s definitely hard to wake up late in the morning only to find out that your alarm was not loud enough to wake you up – when the sole purpose of purchasing an alarm clock is it to be vicious enough to wake you up. There are just those people who are heavy sleepers. It all depends on what stage he or she is in the sleep wake cycle. It has been found out that those who are in the third or fourth stage, or in the REM, are those who are hard to rouse. Roughly enough, REM sleep is the last stage and often happens in the morning – the time when your alarm clock to about to wake you up. Thus, here come alarm clocks that were designed to rouse heavy and hard to rouse sleepers. I Bright Talking Kitten is just about annoying enough to get you on your feet. A simple tap or touch and the alarm will tell you the time. Moreover, this alarm is quirky enough to be played. A simple tap on the tail and the cat-shaped alarm’s ear will turn blue. To add, the cat’s front legs can be moved. This simply irresistible alarm clock is operated by 2 pieces of AAA batteries. The alarm also has a great LCD display with blue lighted background, and it reads the time and temperature.

best-alarm-clock-for-heavy-sleepers-bright3. iHome Wacky Phrases Alarm Clock. Even after rousing, the mind might still seem to be asleep. Thus, you need to stimulate your brain through 7 wacky phrases from your alarm. If you still won’t nudge, the vibrating action will take off to get you moving your feet. For those who’d like to tap the snooze button, a different phrase will go off. It also has an adjustable alarm volume with a 0.8” LCD display with momentary indigo night light. This amazing product works on 3 AA batteries.


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