Best 3 Amplifier for Cars

Best 3 Amplifier for Cars

1. Crunch PZ800.2 Powerzone Car Amplifier. This is probably the premier car amplifier among any other else. It has a SEPP or Single Ended Push Pull A/B class amplifier design all equipped with 2 channel and 4 channel feature. It also has bridgeable designs, carbon fiber effect body as well as the certified seal of Crunch. It is also powered by fully adjustable electronic crossovers for fast and easy audio system setup compatible to almost any kind of speaker system. With Crunch, you will totally enjoy your setup.

best-amplifier-for-cars2. Kenwood KAC-1502S Stereo/Bridgeable 350 Watts 2 Channel Car power Amplifier. This product is made by Kenwood and is powered by a stereo/ bridgeable 350 watts 2 channel car power amplifier. It contains a 2-channel class A/B car amplifier with maximum output of a whopping 175 watts of 2 channels. It has a MOSFET switching power supply and RMS power rating of 4 ohms of 60 watts of 2 channels; for 2 ohms with 75 watts with two channels; and for bridged there are 4 ohms with 150 watts with one channel. This awesome product is equipped with a LED power indicator plus speaker level inputs. It is also short circuit-resistant with a DC offset, overload and thermal protection circuitry all contained in a cast aluminum heat sink design. It also has RCA level inputs with screw terminals and fixed low pass filter of 80 Hz CEA-2006 compliant amplifier. If you’re troubled about frequency, the response is from 5 to 50,000 Hz.

best-amplifier-for-cars-watts3. Lanzar VCT2010 800 Watt 2-Channel High Power Mosfet Amplifier. This item is a 800 watt high power Mosfet amplifier with 2 channels. It has 400 watts with 2 output at 4 ohms. Moreover, it also has 800 watts feature with 1 bridged output at 2 ohms. It is also equipped with 2 ohm stable Mosfet power supply variable hi-pass and 40 Hz to 250 Hz variable low pass. When it comes to variable input level, it is aimed at 40 Hz to 250 Hz gain control. It also has a 6V to 200 mV bass boost switch of 0 to 18 dB. When it comes to safety, this item also has its perks. It has a thermal, overload, short circuit protection and a soft on/off power and protection. It has an LED indicator low level RCA input with 10K ohms line level and RCA output frequency response of 15 Hz signal to noise ration of less than 95 decibels. It also has a 2 X 20 amp maxi type fuse slim size amplifier design for easy installation.


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