Best 3 Tablets Under 100 Dollars

Best 3 Tablets Under 100 Dollars

1. Coby Kyros 4.3 inch Android 4.0 GB.This device is a 4.3 inch tablet with Android 4.0, it has 4 GB memory plus 16.9 capacitative multi touch screen. In terms of Android, it has 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with a 4.3 inch display, and 4GB flash memory, it also has 0.5 GB RAM Memory. This item is also super lightweight and only weighs about 0.3 pounds. With the influx of the ‘tablet trend’, this item is definitely a must have. Moreover, tabs are indeed an essential in everyday life. You don’t have to carry a heavy laptop with you to work, you don’t have to plug it in continually like what you do with your laptop, you can sit on a café and simply swipe to browse the internet.

best-tablets-under-100-dollars2. Dragon Touch 7”Dual Core Y88 Google Android 4.1 tablet PC. Nowadays, getting a tablet is as important as getting a pair of work boots. Tablets are fast replacing the whole idea of notebooks, PCs, and laptops. Undeniably, the reasons for its triumph among other gadgets are endless. It is portable, you can carry it anywhere with you, you can watch videos, play games, download android apps, and it won’t drain much on your battery. PCs work with a plug on, laptops and notebooks work for only a couple of hours – except MAC, but tablets can work longer than the rest of the innovation crowd. And for something that can be bought for as low as 100 dollars, then it is definitely a must-have. Dragon Touch ha a dual core CPU with DDR3 RAM, plus a high performance Quad Core Mali 400 GPU for coolest 3D graphics. It also comes with Google Android Jelly Bean, Google Play Store pre-installed, and a micro SD slot which can cater for up to 32 GB. To add to the roster of goodness, it also has multi touch HD screen, wifi, and a front facing camera for perfect selfie moments.

best-tablets-under-100-dollars-dualcore3. Lenovo IdeaTab A1000L 7 inch 8 GB Tablet.This amazing Lenovo product comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It has a 7” display with a 1.2 dual core processor, 8 GB of flash memory, 0.5 GB RAM, and a whopping 7 hour battery life. Moreover, it has an internal support frame that ensures protection against knocks and drops. To add, the device is specifically designed to enhance software and hardware to satisfy your needs. It has a front speaker that plays in the direction that you want. It is also undeniably lightweight under a pound and is only half an inch thin.


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