Best 3 USB Microphone for Recording Guitar

Looking for the best USB microphone for recording guitar? Check out these three products that have good quality.

3. Samson Go Mic Compact USB Microphone – Plug n’ Play. This amazing product got 4.5 stars at Amazon with 276 customer reviews plus 37 answered questions. Samson Go is a portable USB condenser microphone and is Plug and Play MAC and PC compatible. Plus, no drivers required. It has a compact customized design that easily attaches to a laptop or simply sits on a desk. It is undeniably the perfect ensemble to a perfect recording. You surely don’t want to miss out on your recording since it is perfect for it, plus for podcasting and field recording. It has a built in voice recognition feature software, together with iChat, VoIP and web casting. This compact device is available for the affordable price of $39.99.

best-usb-microphone-for-recording-guitar2. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone. This lightweight microphone achieved a 4.5 star rating out of 5. It has 284 customer reviews plus 19 answered questions. It has a side address studio condenser with USB digital output compatible with Windows and MAC. It has a crystal-clear, natural sound best suited for podcasting, field recording, home studio recording, and even voice over use. This custom-engineered work of art has a low-mass diaphragm that gives out superior transient response plus extended frequency response. It is also equipped with a cardioid polar pattern that reduces pickup from external sounds, from the sides and rear – overall furnishing the desired sole sound source. This low self-noise product is superbly perfect for professional, sophisticate digital recording. Although expensive at the price of $103.20, you get all the works for this extremely amazing product.

best-usb-microphone-for-recording-guitar-audio1. Blue Microphone Snowball USB Microphone. This USB microphone garnered 4.5 stars out of 5 with a whopping 780 customer reviews and 41 answered questions at Amazon. Snowball is available in a variety of colors that suit your personality. It is available in texture white, pink, brushed aluminum, electric blue, and many more. Snowball has a superb USB output that provides direct integration with your PC or laptop, allowing CD quality recording. It has a dual capsule design that allows cardioid elements plus omni directional recording. It has a 10 dB pad switch to provide utmost clarity without noise or any kind of distortion when signals are at extreme volume levels. This product also comes with a desktop stand plus a USB cable for ease of use. This product is rather affordable, compared to its other counterparts. It is available at the low price of $69.99.


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