Best 3 Water Filters for Home Drinking Water

Best 3 Water Filters for Home Drinking Water

3. DuPont WFQT390005 Quick Twist 3 Stage Drinking Water Filtration System. This amazing equipment is available at the list price of $246.25 and discounted price of 4169.00 at Amazon. This amazing product comes with a two 7000 series carbon filters and one 900 series microbiological filter. This product is perfect to eliminate all kinds of debris or impurities in water. You can fill it up for up to 1,000 gallons of water. Also included in the package is a water faucet, under sink water filter system equipped with a high flow rate for 1 gallon per minute Quick Twist change system. The Quick Twist Water Filters make it easy for self-containment and propriety systems. The Quick Twist system is designed to fit perfectly in the DuPont Quick Twist filter cartridges. Moreover, the DuPont system has a universal design, meaning to say, you can actually pair the DuPont system with other brands since it will perfectly complement and fit.

best-water-filters-for-home-drinking-water2. Watts 500320 3-Stage Under Counter Drinking Water Filter with Ultraviolet. This product scores twofold with its amazing ultraviolet system to completely eliminate impurities in the water system. Priced at $135.00, the product scores a notch higher because it has a sophisticated system that cleans water without the unwanted chlorine taste and odor. Watts has a 3rd Stage UV unit that ensures quality in drinking water. It also has a 1,350 gallon capacity plus Carbon Block Technology and UV Water Treatment System.

best-water-filters-for-home-drinking-water-ultraviolet1. Filtrete 4US-MAXL-F01 High Performance Drinking Water System Filter. This product has a single stage plus system and a maximum filtration process with filters that can last for up to 6 months. List price is $44.98 and discounted price is at $24.39 at Amazon. The price difference is really big when it comes to Filtrete. The Filtrete High Performance Drinking System reduces select VOCs. The filter has the ability to detect and remove harmful elements such as VOC, common herbicide atrazine and pesticide toxaphene, lead, pharmaceuticals, giardia cysts, cryptosporidium, chlorine, rust, sediment, and dirt. It can pack up for up to 750 gallons of water. The product also comes with an amazing Maximum PLUS filters that are absolutely easy to replace. A simple ¼ turn can get the job done. Filters also has the power to last up for 6 months. Imagine the savings you’ll get with this powerful water system filter. It is also lightweight and can easily fit into your small cabinet space.


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