Best 5 Red Lipstick for Asians

This post shares the top-rated five red lipstick that have good quality; a must-try for any Asian woman.

red-lipstick-asian-womenCaucasians are different from Asians – and the same lipstick won’t work for both worlds. What makes an Asian different from a Caucasian, Latin, or Black is, first and foremost, skin color. Caucasians have a reddish-white color to their skin, Latins have a brownish semi-Asian color, while black is dark skinned – best for light coloured lipstick. Other distinguishing characteristics are facial features, hair color, size of lips, and many more. When it comes to tips on how to choose the perfect red lipstick for Asian women, here are the best red lipstick for Asians as well as the contending four.

5. MAC Viva Glam. Blue undertones work well for Asians – this emphasizes the lips against the pale, yellow Asian skin. This product has an intense brownish blue-red color that transforms a laid back look into a dazzling rocker look. Pair this nice lipstick with a prominent eyeliner and mascara – cat eyes work best to create a sophisticated, truly-Asian look.


5. MAC Viva Glam. Click on the image above to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

4. NYX. This product in “Snow White” is definitely a must-try for any Asian woman. This product is in True Red that works best to procure that “Snow White” look. This lipstick works best with white foundation and the usual jet-black Asian hair.


4. NYX. Click on the image above to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

3. Revlon. This product is in “Really Red” that comes in a truly traditional Hollywood Red that can be flexible for Asians and Caucasians alike. It comes in a light-red color – light enough to accentuate a pale-looking skin.


3. Revlon. Click on the image above to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

2. Makeup Geek. This product in “Elegant” comes in a cherry, deep rosey red that works for fair-skinned women – preferably Asians. This is a pinkish, soft lipstick that’s light enough to work for daylight. This lipstick works best with light makeup and a comfortable laid-down hair.

1. Lime Crime. This “True Red – Retrofuturist” lipstick has a very opaque look with a creamy formula that definitely lasts long on your lips. It also has low-sheen finish and a clear gloss to top it off. This “almost-fuchsia” color is best for Asians to create a contrast against pale-yellow skin. Apart from the aesthetic side, this product is infused with hydrating factors plus moisturizers to lock in moisture within the skin. This product also comes in a nicely adorned tube with holographic effects, resembling the holographic abilities that this lipstick can offer. Among the four, this is the best red lipstick for Asians.


1. Lime Crime. Click on the image above to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

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