Best 3 Alpha Arbutin Creams for Skin Lightening

If you are looking to gain a gorgeous, white skin that has an even tone, then you need to consider a cream that contains alpha arbutin as a key ingredient. Not only does it leave your skin looking beautiful and fair, but it also ensures that it remains healthy.

Best 3 Alpha Arbutin Creams for Skin

Alpha Arbutin is a key ingredient in skin brightening products. It is an ll natural ingredient that seeks to lighten your skin while at the same time reducing the chances of harmful effects. There are a number of concerns that many ask after before using products with this ingredient. The following are skin lightening creams that contain alpha arbutin that are gaining popularity:

(1)Meladerm, (2) Ageless Derma Face Brightening Cream, and (3) Alpha Arbutin Cream are effective to address the following skin problems:

a. liver spots and sun spots
b. acne marks
c. stubborn scars
d. uneven skin tone
e. ugly discoloration
f. freckles


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One major concern for many users is the aspect of safety. Is alpha arbutin safe? The answer is that it is safe as long as it is used as required. As long as you do not ingest it and you follow the prescription as provided, it is a safe natural ingredient efficient for skin lightening.

When talking of skin lightening creams, many relate to hydroquinone which gained popularity and for medical reasons got banned from the cosmetic industry. Many would like to know if alpha arbutin is the same as hydroquinone. These are very different compounds. Hydroquinone works by killing the pigmentation cells whereas alpha arbutin inhibits the enzymes that stimulate the cells responsible for pigmentation. This also answers the question, how does alpha arbutin work? Its effects are gradual making it an ideal ingredient in skin lightening products.


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Meladerm contains alpha arbutin with a concentration of 2%. With no allergic reaction, right doses, and moderation in use, the three products should be able to get you flawless, fair skin.

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