Top 3 Creams for Arthritis Patients to Relieve Pain

An active life leads to a happy and productive existence, but as we grow older, various joint problems hinder us to attain our utmost potential as a human being. Fortunately, the advancement of science never stops to provide us the best possible solution to almost all of our health troubles.

Wait no more and suffer no longer with these three best pain reliever creams that will keep your joints and knees sore free and always ready to go venture that free spirit lifestyle.

3. Worlds Best Cream-Pain Relief Lotion

A lotion based and bio-friendly arthritis cream like “Worlds Best Cream-Pain Relief Lotion” can also be one of your options in treating arthritis and muscle sores. Its primary components, Copper and Natural-oils, are highly safe and effective in alleviating the painful effect of several arthritic problems in the hands, elbows, neck, knees, and wrists. This over-the-counter arthritis remedy also offers you the best solution to stiffness, plus its organic ingredients will surely give you the bonus of a healthy skin.


2. MaxX Labs Life Essentials Warehouse promises all arthritis sufferers the best aid for arthritis through MaxX Labs Relief Cream, one of the most effective and speedy topical treatment available in today’s market. MaxX Labs Relief Cream targets the root cause of the pain by deeply penetrating into the skin and muscle tissues minutes after it has been applied in the affected area. The treatment is developed to provide a much speedy effect than any arthritis relief sprays and patches so that every arthritis sufferer will feel better immediately. In addition, this specific arthritis cream relieve and treat not only a single type of arthritis but also other bodily aches like back sores, tendonitis, stiff neck, heel spurs, elbow strains, and other tendon and joint problems that could easily be acquired through strenuous activities like tennis, hiking or fast phased sports.


1. Penetrex


Penetrex, the world’s leading over the counter cream therapy for arthritis is specifically formulated with Arnica, Vitamin B6, and MSM for fast healing reaction on muscle sores and joint pains. This world famous anti-inflammatory cream provides suffering patients fast relief and long lasting recovery from arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, and any other inflammation ailments. Penetrex is available for purchase on various online websites and drugstores.

Cascade Canister Filter Pumps: 10 Facts to Know

Aquarium owners often struggle to find a good aquarium filter system. Plenty of filters are difficult to assemble and maintain, and just don’t create the sort of sterile, clear aquarium environment that owners want. Cascade Canister Filter Pumps can give aquarium owners everything they’ve always wanted for their aquariums and their pets.


1. The Cascade Canister Filter Pumps have flow rate cut-off valves that can be used to change the aquarium water flow. It makes modifying one’s aquarium filter system that much easier.

2. The filter pumps are able to properly clean the water supply of even large tanks, such as 100-gallon tanks. Customers that have large tanks often have a difficult time with some filter pumps, but these should meet their needs.

3. Customers can replace the filters at the rate of about once every month, which should be a reasonable pace for the majority of customers.

4. Assembling the Cascade Canister Filter Pumps and getting them into place should be easy, especially for seasoned aquarium owners.

5. The Cascade Canister Filter Pumps are whisper-quiet. Aquarium owners that have had to put up with loud aquarium filter systems will appreciate the change in volume.

6. The tip-proof base is very stable, so customers shouldn’t have any annoying accidents in that area.

7. Cascade Canister Filter Pumps are best-selling items in the aquarium niche in particular and the broader pet supplies niche. The word is spreading about them everywhere and many customers are discovering the benefits of Cascade Canister Filter Pumps for themselves.

8. Many customers pay a lot for a good aquarium filter system. The Cascade Canister Filter Pumps are sold at reasonable rates. They should also outlast a good portion of their competition: many customers have been able to use them for years without a problem.

9. The Cascade Canister Filter Pumps system is equipped with a spray bar.

10. The system has a push-button self-primer that is simple to use.

Acne Treatment for Men: Acne Resist Review


Now a days, finding a good acne treatment for men with so many options available is difficult. So many companies promise clear skin with only a little work, but many of them turn out to be fake and false. Acne Resist is an all-natural product, proven to reduce and fight acne and blemishes. Here are ten things you should know about Acne Resist.

1. Acne Resist is made in the USA, in a state-of-the-art facility that is FDA registered and FDA approved.

2. It is gluten free, one of the only products on the market as such.

3. It has a unique combination of Ceramide-PCD and Kiwi Seed Extract which has been proven to clear acne.

4. Dermatologists, during tests, saw a significant decrease in the pustules and pimples on patients face and body in as little as 4 weeks.

5. It works on any area of the body safely, from face to shoulders, back to legs.

6. Consumners noted significant improvement both in looks and mood as their acne cleared.

7. Acne Resist diminishes the skin’s ability to support acne resulting in a significantly lessened chance of new acne occurring.

8. The product offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

9. Reviews have had clients showing improvement in as little as 7 days, sometimes, even less.

10. It has an easy one-pill-a-day routine, instead of numerous cream and gel applications, making its use 10x easier than other products. Simply take a single pill once a day and be done with the treatment for that day.

So, when you’re looking for a good acne treatment for men, look no further than Acne Resist. With its unique combination above combined with Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, it gives you healthy skin growth from the inside out. With this proven formula, you’ll have smoother, softer and more elastic skin that is acne and blemish free in no time at all.

For the updated price, pros & cons, and consumer reviews, click here.

Nature’s Cure Anti-Acne for Men: 7 Things You Should Know


1. Nature’s Cure Anti-Acne for Men‘s active anti-acne ingredients are salicylic acid and and benzoyl peroxide, two of the most effective medicines for treating and preventing acne.

2. This anti-acne product specially formulated for men also has aloe leaf extract, chamomile extract, and other natural botanical extracts which are good for skin.

3. It does not clog pores because it has no oil and is also alcohol-free.

4. It might take up to six weeks to see positive results; so, you have to be patient when using Nature’s Cure Anti-Acne for Men.

5. Like any other acne-fighting products, Nature’s Cure makes your skin dry so that it is very important to put non-comedogenic moisturizer after applying this product.

6. Nature’s Cure Anti-Acne for Men is also effective in preventing cystic acne.

7. People who have sensitive skin and rosacea can also use the Nature’s Cure Anti-Acne for Men Kit.

For more product information, pros & cons, updated price, and consumer reviews, click here.

Best Supplement for Weight Gain: Now Foods Carbo Gain Review


Now Foods Carbo Gain is 100% complex carbohydrate and all natural. This power carb has no sucralose, acesulfame-k, and aspartame which have been linked to certain dangerous side effects. Make your own weight gain shakes and be pleased with the low price and excellent quality of Now Foods Carbo Gain. It is tasteless; so, it can be mixed into anything (juice, milk, etc.). To maintain your weight due to intense workouts, this supplement is also perfect for you.

For more product information, updated price, pros & cons, and consumer reviews, click here.

3 Nice Halloween Costumes for You and for Your Female Bestfriend

Featured here are three awesome Halloween costumes that are simply wonderful in description and view. Do you and your bestfriend need a special Halloween costume to celebrate Halloween together? Please do read on to learn more on how to get some totally fabulous costume choices in mind for the Big Scary Night that is Halloween.

1. The Elsa Adult Deluxe Costume is a beautiful costume that captures all of the magic of the character Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen. This sparkly costume will not only make you sparkle in appearance. It will make you spark in feel wearing it too. You will actually think you are an awesome force that does command the forces of snow and ice that is sweet and nice. You may also feel like singing “Let It Go” as you go around showing it off, you know. This wonderful costume is made from 100% polyester satin, organdy, tulle, and has interlocking knit fabrics. Iredescent sequins are also on the interlocking bodice, and there is an attached organdy cape that is covered with very glittery snowflakes. The price for this out of the world costume is $48.99. If you want to be at true ice princess or ice queen. This is the costume that has the righ icy touch for it!


2. Disguise Women’s Disney Maleficent Movie Maleficient Black Christening Gown. This costume is also one of a kind and is a steal for the price of between $25.80 and $64.46. It is made of 100% polyester, imported, is hand washable, and it features a black dress with sculpted shoulders. It also features a brooch at the neckline and bell sleeves that are very dramatic in look. A horn-shaped headpeice is also included with this costume. So, if you have ever dreamed of being totally devilish in a female way, this is the one costume that can make it happen on Halloween Night!


3. Lethal Beauty Adult Costume. The Lethal Beauty Adult Costume is truly a costume that will make a woman look lethally beautiful in her own way. This superb costume is ideal for Halloween or for any kind of dress up costume party or affair. The price for it is $40.95.It is attractive in its own way and can put a scare into whoever does wear it in a good way. It comes with an adjustable dress, a mask, glovelettes, boot covers, printed leggings, and also a train that is very seductive. This costume will definitely make a woman look at her deadliest best. Go and check it out now!


Best Tea Tree Oil Soap for Acne

Tea tree oil soap is very good for people who have oily, acne prone skin. In choosing the best tea tree oil soap, make sure that it only contains natural ingredients. Also consider the reviews posted on reliable websites who have already used the product. Here are our best tea tree oil soap to help you acne:

1. Nubian Heritage Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil Soap

Nubian Heritage Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil Soap

Click on the image for more product info, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

With a sweet aroma, this refreshing deodorant soap is rich in Madagascan lemongrass and Aboriginal tea tree oil. It also has shea butter to moisturize your skin. Continued use of this tea tree oil soap will help your skin becomes less oily, clearer, and brighter. Click here for more product info, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Trader Joe’s Pure Vegetable Tea Tree Oil Soap

Trader Joes Pure Vegetable Tea Tree Oil Soap

Click on the image for more product info, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

This particular tea tree oil soap has natural ingredients and contains no sulfates that are not good for the skin. This soap does not clog pores and very effective in removing impurities that sit in your pores. It has light scent, and many dermatologists recommend this soap for people who have bad chest acne and backne. Click here for more product info, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

3. Desert Essence Tea Tree Therapy Bar Soap

Desert Essence Tea Tree Therapy Bar Soap

Click on the image for more product info, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

This therapeutic soap is rich in tea tree oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. This mild soap is also good for perioral dermatitis, rosacea, and blepharitis. It also does wonder on scars that many users call it “The Miracle Soap.” Click here for more product info, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

Best 3 Organic Rosehip Seed Oil for Face and Body

Are you planning to buy a good quality brand of organic rosehip seed oil because of its numerous benefits for your skin? Then, consider the three products that we highly recommend on this post.

Rosehip seed oil is different from rose oil because the latter is the oil extracted from the actual flower while rosehip seed oil comes from the seeds of the fruit of the flower “wild rose.” Rosehip seed oil is rich in provitamin A, essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6, and linoleic and linolenic acid. Using this pressed seed oil gives a lot of good benefits and is commonly used for photo-aging, acne scars, dermatitis, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, brittle nails, and rosacea.

Rosehip seed oil is safe for babies, but nursing and pregnant women should not use it just to be on the safe side as high amount of vitamin A might cause birth defects.

Rosehip seed oil smells bad and weird for some as it does not smell like roses even the oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the wild rose. Since rosehip seed oil does not clog pores, people who have oily, acne prone skin can use it. It is also good for sensitive, very dry skin as it is a gentle moisturizer. You can even apply it around your eyes and mouth; just be very careful in the application so that it does not go to your eyes.

Rosehip seed oil usually lasts up to six months. Does it need to be refrigerated to prolong its shelf like? No, but you should store it in a room where the temperature does not exceed 70F.

Below are our best three rosehip seed oil for face and body. Click on the image for product info, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews.

1. Radha Rosehip Seed Oil

Radha Rosehip Seed Oil

2. Skin Daily Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Skin Daily Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

3. Fresh and Organic Rosehip Seed Oil by Eve Hansen

Fresh and Organic Rosehip Seed Oil by Eve Hansen

Rosehip seed oil does really work. You just have to religiously use it for a few months to see the satisfying results. For old acne scars and very deep wrinkles, it might take to a few months to a year or two.

Best 3 Products for Burn Scars on Face

Treating burn scars on face requires patience and a good, effective product. Make sure that the product that you are going to use is free of harmful chemicals. Always read the complete list of ingredients, and make sure that you also check out consumer reviews about the product.

Burn scars may arise from different sources but you need a product that is effective no matter the source. The following are the best three products that will guarantee treatment of your burn scars without side effects due to the use of natural ingredients.

1. InstaNatural: Organic Rosehip Oil

Insta Natural Rosehip Oil for Burn Scars on Face

Click on the image for more product details, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

This product only contains one key ingredient, “Rosehip oil” which has amazing skin benefits. This ingredient acts as a moisturizer and will also diminish spots and scars. It is effective in treating burn scars as it contains high levels of vitamins as well as fatty acids. These include Vitamin C, Omega-3 and omega-6 as well as linolenic acid. Amino acids are known to treat scars of which three are found in rosehip oil. Click here for more product details, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Voila Ve Organics: Organic Rosehip Oil

Voila Ve Organics for Burn Scars on Face

Click on the image for more product details, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

This product also embraces the use of Rosehip oil. It is also the only ingredient in the product. Your burn scar will heal gradually while at the same time moisturizing your skin. In addition, it rejuvenates the skin to leave it healed of burn scars. Burn scars can be itchy and this product will address all these concerns. Click here for more product details, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

3. Mamma Bear: Natural Stretch Mark Cream

Mamma Bear for Burn Scars on Face

This product has a number of natural oils that come together to ensure that your facial skin is treated of burn marks. Over a period of time, you will notice gradual lightening of scars to look similar to your original skin complexion.

All the above products are using natural organic oils to treat burn marks on your face. This ensures that your facial skin does not react to create other ailments. The products offer money back guarantees indicating that they are certain of the claims they make. If you are seeking to effectively treat burn scars on your face, then you need to purchase one of the products above and watch your scar fade away gradually.

Best 3 Goat Milk Soap for Face and Body

If you have dry skin, goat milk soap is good for your face and body. Its moisturizing benefit does help eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Many consumers reported that goat milk soap is also effective for skin lightening when used with other whitening ingredients like alpha arbutin and kojic acid.

If you are a busy person and does not have extra time to make your own goat milk soap, purchasing a good goat milk soap would be your best option. Here are our top three goat milk soap:

1. Triple Milled Goat Milk Soap


Click on the image for more product details and consumer reviews.

This vegetable base soap is rich in goat milk extract and milk proteins. Its special moisturizing effect is perfect for people who have very dry, sensitive skin, but it’s also good for oily skin. This creamy soap lathers up very well that might help in shaving. The fresh lavender scent smells so nice. Click here for more product details, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews.

2. Alpen Secrets Fragrance Free Goat Milk Soap


Click on the image for more product details and consumer reviews.

This particular goat milk soap is fragrance free and ideal for all types of skin. It is very gentle, but gives a terrific cleansing effect. If you have eczema and acne, this goat milk is ideal for you as it is a non-perfumed soap. It will make your skin healthy and fairly soft without greasy feeling. Click here for more product details, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews.

3. Canus Goat Milk Bar Soap


Click on the image for more product details and consumer reviews.

Canus goat milk soap is also fragrance free and is highly recommended for those with flaky, dry skin. If you have psoriasis, you may want to try this out as a lot of consumers who tried this soap said that it helped their psoriasis. This non-irritating soap is very gentle and does not leave any residue on skin. Click here for more product details, updated/discounted price, and consumer reviews.

There is no guarantee that your skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, etc. will be completely cured by just using goat milk soaps, but a lot of people have already reported that a very gentle, soothing soap like goat milk soap did help them out with their skin insecurities and concerns.

Best 3 Alpha Arbutin Creams for Skin Lightening

If you are looking to gain a gorgeous, white skin that has an even tone, then you need to consider a cream that contains alpha arbutin as a key ingredient. Not only does it leave your skin looking beautiful and fair, but it also ensures that it remains healthy.

Best 3 Alpha Arbutin Creams for Skin

Alpha Arbutin is a key ingredient in skin brightening products. It is an ll natural ingredient that seeks to lighten your skin while at the same time reducing the chances of harmful effects. There are a number of concerns that many ask after before using products with this ingredient. The following are skin lightening creams that contain alpha arbutin that are gaining popularity:

(1)Meladerm, (2) Ageless Derma Face Brightening Cream, and (3) Alpha Arbutin Cream are effective to address the following skin problems:

a. liver spots and sun spots
b. acne marks
c. stubborn scars
d. uneven skin tone
e. ugly discoloration
f. freckles


Click on the image for more product details and consumer reviews.

One major concern for many users is the aspect of safety. Is alpha arbutin safe? The answer is that it is safe as long as it is used as required. As long as you do not ingest it and you follow the prescription as provided, it is a safe natural ingredient efficient for skin lightening.

When talking of skin lightening creams, many relate to hydroquinone which gained popularity and for medical reasons got banned from the cosmetic industry. Many would like to know if alpha arbutin is the same as hydroquinone. These are very different compounds. Hydroquinone works by killing the pigmentation cells whereas alpha arbutin inhibits the enzymes that stimulate the cells responsible for pigmentation. This also answers the question, how does alpha arbutin work? Its effects are gradual making it an ideal ingredient in skin lightening products.


Click on the image for more product details and consumer reviews.

Meladerm contains alpha arbutin with a concentration of 2%. With no allergic reaction, right doses, and moderation in use, the three products should be able to get you flawless, fair skin.

Best 3 Acne Treatment Products for Back and Shoulders

Modern science has worked miracles when it comes to helping your skin look healthy and beautiful. Here are three highly recommended products to treat acne on back, chest, arms, and shoulders:

1. Life-Flo Salicylic Acid Spray


This spray has a 2 percent concentration of salicylic acid in it. It also has colloidal silver, teat tree oil and other ingredients that help you get rid of dead skin and moisturize the healthy skin. The spray is a convenient way to reach areas of your body that are usually hard to reach like your lower back. The spray dries very quickly and it is often useful for removing wrinkles. Click here for more info, pros and cons, discounted price, and consumer reviews.

2. Exposed Acne Treatment


This is a body wash from Exposed Skincare. It also helps you fight problems on your back such as the need to exfoliate dead skin. It uses Salicylic Acid to do this as well. It also uses micro-beads. The cream can help ou get rid of acne on various areas of your body. The cream is clean and it goes on fine and washes off straight away. The cream also has Clycolic Acid Complex in it as well as Tea Tree Oil which is known for being particularly effective at moisturizing skin. Click here for more info, pros and cons, discounted price, and consumer reviews.

3. Glytone Back Acne Spray


This product from Glytone has 2% Salicylic acid in it. The spray comes in an 8 ounce bottle. It’s actually medical grade so you know that it has a powerful effect. You have to pump it a few times to get it going. It’s important to let the solution you spray on yourself to dry before you do any kind of dressing. The spray will treat acne quite effectively. The spray will help to open your pores. It will also help with keeping your skin empty of any type of blemish that could mar its surface. Click here for more info, pros and cons, discounted price, and consumer reviews.

Best 3 Creams for Dry Hands

Do you have dry hands and looking for a good hand cream that really works? Check out these three highly recommended products:

1. Camille Beckman Glycerin Hand Therapy Cream

Camille Beckman Glycerin Hand Therapy

This hand cream is rich in almond oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera. It also has botanical extracts and is made in the US. As of July 24, 2014, this product is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Click here to read the 124 consumer reviews.

2. Neutrogena Hand Cream Norwegian Formula

Neutrogena Hand Cream Norwegian Formula

If you have chapped hands, this particular hand cream delivers good relief. It is clinically proven effective in healing dry hands in a short period of time. As of July 24, 2014, this product is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Click here to read the 50 consumer reviews.

3. Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy

Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy

Rich in hydrating ceramides, this hand cream really smells lovely and addicting. The best thing about this hand therapy is that it is truly effective and has no parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate. As of July 24, 2014, this product is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Click here to read the 30 consumer reviews.

Dry, Cracked Feet: 3 Recommended, Effective Foot Creams

how to cure cracked feetDo your feet remind you of the desert, or of a field in the midst of a drought? That’s not the way feet are meant to look, and there is help out there for your dry, cracked feet, including the three products that are listed below.

1. NuSkin’s Foot Cream Sole Solutions keeps feet pedicure smooth just through regular application. It works great at helping you achieve sandal ready feet, but the small tube can get used up fairly quickly which makes it a bit on the pricey side. This product absorbs well and does not leave your feet feeling greasy like some products do. Click here for more product info, updated price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

NuSkin Foot Cream

2. Sally Hansen Pedicure Collection, Cracked Heel Repair Cream claims to give results that last for 24 hours, making it easy to keep smooth feet at all times. This foot cream is relatively inexpensive, making it a great product to use. This foot cream is non-greasy, allowing your feet to feel normal again after application. This cream soothes feet, but it also contains some ingredients that seem unnecessary – including yellow 5 and yellow 6. Click here for more product info, updated price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

Sally Hansen Pedicure Collection, Cracked Heel Repair Cream

3. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream for Dry Rough Feet is not too thick or sticky, and it softens feet overnight. When you apply this product before going to bed, you can know that it is working on your feet while you sleep, softening them up and healing their cracks. This foot cream works all the better when you take time to really massage your feet during the application process. The only problem with this foot cream is the fact that it comes in a very small tube, that will disappear quickly with regular use, and the strong perfume-like smell can get to be a bit much for some users. Click here for more product info, updated price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream for Dry Rough Feet

Pimples and Sensitive Skin? Check Out These Top-Rated Creams

Are you among the unlucky few with sensitive skin and plagued by pimples? If you are, then here is great news for you. You can get relief from using pimple creams designed for sensitive skin.

Here are three things to consider when choosing a pimple cream for sensitive skin:

1 Ensure that it is dermatologist-tested.

2. Ensure it is non-comedogenic.

3. Ensure it contains salicylic acid.

The following are the highly recommended pimple creams for sensitive skin:

3. Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solution

This pimple cream is formulated from 99.5% natural ingredients. It includes licorice root and tamanu oil which are quite effective at reducing redness and promoting healthy skin. Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solution is a good treatment for preventing breakouts.

Burts Bees Natural Acne Solution

Click on the image for more info and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. PCA Skin Acne Cream

This product is among the best to have in your arsenal of pimple fighting products. PCA Acne cream helps to treat acne and also works effectively to prevent the appearance of new acne. It is also effective in keeping your skin blackhead/whitehead free. This product is ideal if you have mild acne and blemish-prone sensitive skin.

PCA Skin Acne Cream

Click on the image for more info and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Neutrogena Acne Stress Control

Neutrogena is synonymous with quality skin-care products and Neutrogena Acne Stress Control is rated among the best acne fighting and prevention treatments. It features a 3-in-1 formula that treats acne before it emerges, hydrates skin and reduces redness. Because this product hydrates, it is also a great option if you have dry skin.

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control

Click on the image for more info and consumer reviews on Amazon.

If you have acne and sensitive skin, it can take a toll on your self confidence. However, using any of the above listed products will reduce your acne and the associated stress, while simultaneously increasing your self confidence. Select the one that you think is best for you and say goodbye to acne without irritating your skin.

Best 3 Moisturizers for Very Dry, Sensitive Skin

If you have extremely dry skin and need a moisturizer that is ideal for sensitive complexions, the moisturizers below can help. When you’re shopping for a moisturizer that is best for your skin, choose products with natural ingredients. A moisturizer that is free of synthetic chemicals will help you prevent breakouts. Moisturizers that contain ingredients that soothe the skin and don’t clog the pores are also ideal. Also, choose a moisturizer that is lightweight so it will look great under your makeup.

3. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin. Click on the image for the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

This moisturizer from Cetaphil is made just for sensitive skin and won’t clog the pores. The product is also free of lanolin and fragrances that can irritate the skin. Cetaphil moisturizer is strong enough to moisturize the skin thoroughly for hours at a time, so it can be worn overnight or under heavy makeup.

2. Vernal Anti Aging Moisturizing Cream

Vernal’s moisturizer contains vitamin C, which revitalizes the skin and helps to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. This natural ingredient is also an antioxidant that that shields the skin from impurities in the environment. There are also B vitamins in the moisturizer to give the skin a healthy glow. If you have dark circles or puffiness around the eyes, the zinc and glycerin in the moisturizer can help with this.

Vernal Anti Aging Moisturizing Cream

Vernal Anti Aging Moisturizing Cream. Click on the image for the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Moisturizer

If you’re looking for a moisturizer made from completely natural ingredients, this is the product for you. The moisturizer balances your skin, so your complexion won’t be overly oily after use. There are no sulfates, fragrances or dyes in the product, which can cut down on dryness, redness and rashes.

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Moisturizer

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Moisturizer. Click on the image for the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

Be sure to try a sensitive skin product for at least a week to determine if it will work for your complexion. Apply the product liberally to your under-eye area and on your neck, as these areas tend to lose moisture quickly.

Best 3 Soap for Sensitive Skin

If your skin is prone to redness and irritation, a soap that is specially formulated for sensitive skin is ideal. When you’re shopping for a soap, choose one that contains natural ingredients, as this will minimize breakouts. It’s also a good idea to choose a soap that doesn’t leave a film on the skin. Soaps that don’t contain harsh exfoliating ingredients are also ideal for sensitive skin, as the product will get rid of dead skin without drying your complexion.

3. Sebamed Soap-Free Cleansing Bar for Sensitive Skin

This “soap” from Sebamed moisturizes the skin without clogging your pores. It also contains a number of amino acids and vitamins that revitalize the skin and protect the complexion from free radicals. Sebamed is also recommended by dermatologists for individuals who tend to break out when using harsher products. This product also has a pH of 5.5, which is the same as a healthy complexion.

Sebamed Soap-Free Cleansing Bar for Sensitive Skin

Sebamed Soap-Free Cleansing Bar for Sensitive Skin. For the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon, click on the image.

2. Basis Sensitive Skin Bar

This sensitive skin cleanser from Basis is free of all dyes and fragrances. The aloe vera and chamomile in the soap soothes the skin and treats redness while thoroughly cleansing the complexion. The bar can be used to cleanse the skin both morning and night and can also help to balance skin tone.

Basis Sensitive Skin Bar

Basis Sensitive Skin Bar. For the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon, click on the image.

1. Dove Bar Soap

Dove soap has been used for years to thoroughly cleanse the face and body without leaving residue. Both dermatologists and pediatricians recommend the soap for cleansing, since it’s gentle enough to use on a baby’s skin. The soap is unscented and hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect for skin that is prone to breakouts. One fourth of the soap is moisturizing lotion, so your skin will be soft and free of redness and peeling after each wash.

Dove Bar Soap

Dove Bar Soap. For the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon, click on the image.

When you’re switching to a new soap, be sure to watch your complexion closely for any changes. Use the soap one time a day until your skin gets used to it, then increase usage as needed for best results on sensitive skin.

Best 3 Sulfate-Free Shampoos for Oily Scalp

If you have an oily scalp, choosing a shampoo that is free of sulfates is best. A shampoo that contains vitamins and minerals for optimum scalp health is ideal as well. Here are our highly recommended sulfate-free shampoos that contain conditioners that will nourish both your scalp and your hair:

3. Christian Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo

This shampoo washes your hair throughly and doesn’t leave any greasy buildup. The product is even safe for hair that has been color-treated. Aside from being sulfate-free, the shampoo is also free of dyes, parabens and fragrances. Christina Moss Naturals shampoo is made from 100% organic ingredients, and is guaranteed to be fresh for 6 months.

Christian Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo

Christian Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo. Click on the image for more info, updated price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. HRT Organic Stimulator Shampoo

HRT Organic Stimulator Shampoo is specially formulated to treat both dandruff and hair loss. The product contains potent antioxidants that leave your hair and scalp feeling revitalized and fresh. Organic pomegranates, grapes and apples are included in the shampoo to give the product a pleasant smell and help to thoroughly cleanse the hair strands thoroughly. The shampoo is also free from parabens, petroleum and alcohol.

HRT Organic Stimulator Shampoo

HRT Organic Stimulator Shampoo. Click on the image for more info, updated price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. NaturOli Soap Nut/Soapberry Shampoo

This shampoo is not only sulfate-free, it’s also gluten free, fragrance free and vegan. You can use this product if you’re hair is colored, as the shampoo helps to keep your color looking its best. Soapberries help you hair to grow faster and will revitalize your scalp. Washing your hair with this shampoo regularly will result in tangle-free hair and will increase the volume of your hair, which is ideal if you have an oily scalp and medium-thin or thin hair. This shampoo has no artificial dyes and fragrances so you can be sure you’re using an all-natural product.

NaturOli Soap Nut Soapberry Shampoo

NaturOli Soap Nut Soapberry Shampoo. Click on the image for more info, updated price, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly and apply a conditioner after washing. To soften your hair and further condition your scalp, allow both the shampoo and conditioner to sit on your scalp after application for 3 to 5 minutes. This will lift debris from your hair and reduce scalp redness.

Best 3 Creams for Wrinkles and Sensitive Skin

When you’re searching for creams that are specifically formulated for aging skin, it’s important to choose a product that moisturizes the skin intensely. Anti-wrinkle creams that smooth the skin with exfoliators are also ideal when you want to get rid of fine lines on the face. A product that is especially formulated for sensitive skin is also best when you’re looking for a cream to add to your anti-aging routine. In addition to these skin care tips, here are a few skin care creams you may want to consider.

3. Eucerin Sensitive Facial Skin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Cream
This cream is gentle on the skin and fights all signs of aging, including wrinkles. The product also contains coenzyme Q10, which is naturally created in the body to prevent the aging of the skin. This skin promises to yield results in 5 weeks when used regularly, which may be a little long to weight for some. While the product is for sensitive skin, it can be a bit heavy, and using less could prolong the time it takes to see results.

Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Crème, 1.7 Ounce

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Night Cream
This night cream from Burt’s Bees is made from 99% natural ingredients. The cotton extract in the product naturally softens the skin. The cream also contains rice extract and aloe, which soothe the skin and thoroughly moisturize it. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Night Cream has been tested by allergists, and won’t cause redness or irritation.

Burt's Bees Sensitive Night Cream, 1.8 Ounces

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Biohyaluron 4D Concentrated Face Day and Night Cream 50+ For All Skin Types
Whether your skin is oily, dry or a combination of both, this night cream will keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours at a time. The product has an SPF of 8 to shield the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. The cream is particularly light, which makes it ideal for some mature complexions. However, women with particularly oily complexions may have to use more of the product for it to be effective. The anti-aging cream does, however, help to even the skin tone and get rid of dark spots.

Biohyaluron 4d Concentrated Face Day and Night Cream

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

In addition to these face creams for aging and sensitive skin, be sure to wash with a cleanser that is gentle but deep-cleaning. Moisturizing the skin each night before bed can also make the skin especially supple and reduce wrinkles before they become too obvious.

Best 3 Hair Masks for Oily Scalp

If your hair is particularly oily, applying a hair mask as part of your hair care regimen can definitely be helpful. When you’re sesarching for a hair mask, be sure to choose a product that is: 1) filled with natural ingredients that soothe the scalp, 2) filled with substances that will moisturize the scalp and hair and 3) complete with conditioners that will balance the oil content of your hair. Here are a few products to try.

3. Moroccan Organics Certified Organic Hair Mask
This product is a deep conditioner that contains 100% organic ingredients. The hair mask is ideal for repairing split ends and supplies the hair strands with amino acids and fatty acids for strong and healthy hair. Moroccan Organics also softens the hair and gives the hair shine without making it too greasy.

Moroccan Organics Certified Organic Hair Mask

Click on the image for the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Kanechom Liso Intenso Hair Moisturizing Conditioning Mask
The hair conditioning mask from Kanechom makes the hair appear brighter and more luxurious. It can be used on all types of hair, and is especially effective for thick hair that is straightened often. The hair mask has a number of vitamins and nutrients that make the hair smooth and strong and condition the scalp. Customers reported that Kanechom Liso Intenso is great for dry hair and makes blow drying the hair easier. However, women with very thick hair may have to use a lot of the product for maximum effectiveness.

Kanechom Liso Intenso Hair Moisturizing Conditioning Mask

Click on the image for the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Rhassoul Clay Hair and Facial Mask
This mask, which can be used on the face and hair, is 100% all natural and made from mineral deposits found in the Atlas Mountains. The clay in the mask clears up blackheads and blemishes on the skin, and can also be used as a shampoo and scalp cleanser. The clay draws up impurities on the face and scalp and can help to get rid of frizziness and split ends. The mask is rather thick, so you’ll need to rinse it out thoroughly for best results.

Rhassoul Clay Hair and Facial Mask

Click on the image for the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

These products should be used each time you cleanse your hair to keep your hair looking its best. Rinse your hair with cool or room temperature water to help prevent dry scalp and keep hair smooth and silky.

Best 3 Makeup Products for Very Sensitive Skin

When your skin is especially sensitive, it can be difficult to find a foundation that works well for you. When you’re choosing makeup, select brands that won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts. An oil-free foundation is also best for very sensitive skin, as it allows the pores to breathe. Select a sensitive skin foundation that contains skin conditioning vitamins like A & E, or ingredients like aloe to soothe the skin and prevent redness and irritation.

3. Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Foundation

This makeup is fragrance and oil free, so your skin will receive the coverage it needs and you won’t have to worry about your complexion being irritated. Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Foundation is also free of talc, an ingredient that can clog pores and cause redness. There’s even a sponge delivery system included with the makeup, so you can apply it without the concern of bacterial contamination.

Physician Formula Mineral Wear Foundation

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Lavera Natural Foundation

This foundation is specially formulated for sensitive skin. The makeup offers light coverage, and doesn’t contain SPF, which can cause breakouts on sensitive complexions. Lavera Natural Foundation is made from all-natural ingredients, and gives the skin a healthy glow. The makeup goes on smoothly, but some users complained that the makeup has an orange tint and has a strange smell. However, this organic makeup is often a safe choice for women who want to use natural cosmetics that don’t appear too heavy or cake-y on the skin.

Lavera Natural Foundation

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. LORAC Natural Performance Foundation

This foundation offers medium coverage and comes in a number of shades. It stays on for hours at a time so you won’t have to be concerned with touch-ups too often. LORAC Natural Performance Foundation is free of parabens. Parabens can cause hormonal changes in the body and breakouts on the skin. There are also no synthetic fragrances or sulfates in the makeup. The foundation does, however, contain olive leaf extract, which conditions and soothes the skin and makes for smooth coverage.

LORAC Natural Performance Foundation

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

To enhance the effectiveness of these cosmetics, cleanse your skin thoroughly and apply a sensitive skin moisturizer before putting on your makeup. Be sure to wash your face each night to remove makeup and allow your pores to breathe.

Best 3 Vitamin C Serum For Sensitive Skin

Vitamin C is nature’s remedy for beautiful, youthful, healthy skin. If you want youthful looking skin but do not have enough vitamin C in your diet to achieve this, Vitamin serums can fill the gap. However, if you have sensitive skin, you have to demonstrate careful thought before buying the first vitamin c serum that catches your eyes.

If you have sensitive skin, the following are some tips you can use to help you make the best choice.

a. Choose a serum that contains at least 10% L-ascorbic ascorbic acid.

b. Look for a serum with opaque packaging as it should be protected from direct sunlight.

c. Ensure that it has a ph that ranges between 2.0 to 3.5.

3. Springs Vitamin C Serum. If you have sensitive skin, then this vitamin serum may be the answer to your prayers. Springs Vitamin C serum is formulated from natural ingredients and is quite potent. Itcontains 20 percent of vitamin CYou don’t have to wait weeks or months to see the results as you will see results in as little as a few days. This serum also contains vitamin E which is essential for the repair of skin tissues.

Money-back gaurantee
All natural ingredients
Fast acting
Provides UV protection

Finishes quite quickly

Springs Vitamin C Serum

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Viva la Vida Ultimate Vitamin C Serum. Put some life into your skin with Viva la Vida Ultimate Vitamin C Serum. Made from 100 percent natural ingredients, this vitamin C serum is ahead of its time with 20 percent vitamin content. The serum combats the signs of aging and also reduces the appearance of dark spots. It also contains hydrating moisturizer to make your skin soft and also help to achieve that youthful glow that everyone will envy you for.

Can be used on dry skin, oily skin and mature skin.
Reduces skin discolorations
Can be used by both men and women

It may feel sticky following application, but you can prevent this from happening by not applying too much.

Viva la Vida Ultimate Vitamin C Serum

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Bianco Ferosi Vitamin C Serum. Banish fine lines and wrinkles with Vitamin C Serum. This serum is so potent and effective it offers a money-back guarantee. Vitamin C Serum is not a magic potion but it delivers fast results. This is because it contains specially formulated ingredients that increase the production of collagen in the skin.

Features protective top that stabilizes the Vitamin C
Softens laugh lines
Reduces the appearance of age spots
Makes skin soft and supple

Finishes quite quickly as it is only .5 ounces. However, you can purchase two bottles so you don’t run out.

Bianco Ferosi Vitamin C Serum

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

You can use a vitamin c serum to achieve beautiful, younger looking skin in no time. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend the above listed serums to combat the signs of aging and experience the benefits of vitamin c serum.

Best 3 Shampoo for Oily Scalp and Dry Hair

If you have greasy scalp and dry hair, finding a good shampoo can feel like an uphill battle. The thing is, if you want a happy scalp and equally happy hair, you have to use a shampoo that is effective for both problems. When choosing shampoo for oily scalp and dry hair, you can use the following tips to help you make the best choice.

1. Choose a shampoo that is sulfate free ( a shampoo with sulfates will dry your hair out even more)

2. Choose a paraben-free shampoo. Studies show that this ingredient contributes to hair and scalp problems.

3. If you are choosing anti- dandruff shampoo, ensure it has a moisturizing formula or oil treatment to help with your dry hair.

Here are the best 3 shampoos for oily scalp and dry hair:

3. Hydrate Moisture control ShampooTreat your hair to totally organic ingredients with hydrate Moisture control Shampoo. This shampoo is sulfate, paraben and fragrance free and includes natural oil treatment designed to give you great results. Apart from improving the moisture content in your hair, this shampoo also stimulates hair growth. It contains antiseptic ingredients that helps to prevent infections.

100% organic
Stimulates hair growth
Gentle enough for color treated hair

No Fragrance

Hydrate Moisture Control Shampoo

3. Hydrate Moisture Control Shampoo. Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff ShampooIf you are plagued by dandruff, this may be the only shampoo you need in your arsenal of anti-dandruff shampoos. This shampoo is efficient in stopping dandruff in its tracks and also preventing a recurrence of this unwanted plague. The shampoo is formulated with technology to prevent the recurrence of dandruff even after you have stopped using the product.

Effective in controlling dandruff
Continues to work for up to four weeks after you’ve used the product

Unpleasant fragrance

2. Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

2. Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Biolage Fortifying Shampoo Biolage fortifying shampoo is specially formulated for those with normal or oily air. It contains ingredients which are effective in thoroughly cleansing the scalp without making your hair feel dry. Use of this product will leave your hair manageable and full of body.

Cleanses scalp thoroughly without making the hair feel dry
Makes hair manageable and bouncy

Only 33.8 ounces( it won’t last a long time but you can always by two bottles)

1. Biolage Fortifying Shampoo.

1. Biolage Fortifying Shampoo. Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

You can use any of the above listed shampoos if you suffer from dry hair and greasy scalp. With these shampoos, your battle for happy hair is already half-won. The next step is to make a purchase. Try and see for yourself.

Best 3 Women’s Razor for Sensitive Skin

The summer season is coming up, which means you’ll want to have smooth skin when you’re spending time at the beach or going to a pool party. When you’re looking for razors that are safe for sensitive skin, look for sharp razors, since dull razors may increase the chances that you’ll cut yourself. Razors with a skin conditioning strip on them are ideal for sensitive skin and will soothe your legs, arms or underarms as you’re removing hair. You should also shop for a razor that has a secure-grip handle, so you can shave efficiently and not cause irritation to your skin. Here are three of the best razors to select.

3. Schick Quattro for Women
This is one of the good razors for sensitive skin, since it has four razors that will make for a clean shave. The handle o f the razor is enhanced with rubber, making it an ideal women’s choice for shaving with precision and control. There is also a strip of aloe and vitamin E on the razor, which conditions the skin with each shaving stroke.

Schick Quattro for Women

3. Schick Quattro for Women. Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Schick Hydro Silk for Women
The Hydro Silk razor is ideal for sensitive skin because is has a curve-sensing blade which helps to get rid of hair in hard-to-reach areas. There is a conditioning serum in the razor that is activated when wet so your skin will get all the moisture it needs while you’re shaving. There’s also a handle rest to keep the razor out of water when you’re not using it to prevent rusting.

Schick Hydro Silk for Women Razor

2. Schick Hydro Silk for Women Razor. Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Panasonic Ladies’ Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaving
You can use this device whether your skin is wet or dry. The blade is hypoallergenic and nickel-free so you won’t have to worry about skin redness and irritation. The we/dry epilator is also cordless so you can use it anywhere. There’s also a 6-in-1 adjustable cap, including a foot care head and bikini cap.

Panasonic Ladies' Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaving

Panasonic Ladies’ Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaving. Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

Best 3 Face Washes for Blackheads and Large Pores

If you have big pores and are looking for a way to get rid of blackheads, you’ll need a good face wash to do the job. These facial cleansers can get rid of blackheads and whiteheads to give you a smooth complexion. When you’re looking for a face wash that will get rid of large pores and blackheads, choose a product that is oil-free, as this will keep your pores from getting clogged. It’s also best to select a cleanser with natural ingredients like citrus extract or glycolic acid. These substances remove dirt and oil from the skin while effectively removing dead skin cells. A cleanser with a moisturizing agent that will replenish the skin before and after cleansing is essential as well. Here our best picks:

3. Natural Care 4 You Citrus Scrub
This scrub has a pleasant citrus scent and exfoliates the skin to remove blackheads and whiteheads. The microbeads in the face wash also get rid of dull skin and help to remove wrinkles. The citrus in the product also helps to get rid of dark spots on the face to even the skin tone. While the facial product is gentle on the skin, it may not be suitable for extremely dry or sensitive skin.

Best 3 Face Washes for Blackheads and Large Pores 3

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid Facial Wash
Peter Thomas Roth Facial Cleanser contains 3% glycolic acid to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface. The glycolic acid also promotes healthy cell turnover. Allatonin soothes and calms the skin, and the pro vitamin B5 nourishes and moisturizes the complexion. The cleanser is effective for getting rid of blackheads, but may need to be use sparingly on sensitive skin.

Best 3 Face Washes for Blackheads and Large Pores 2

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Olay Total Effects Refreshing Citrus Scrub
This citrus scrub from Olay is one of the best cleansers for getting rid of blackheads. The product works on oily, combination, dry and normal skin. Using the scrub daily can reduce the appearance of large pores and even the skin tone. This scrub is also suitable for ridding the complexion of fine lines and wrinkles.

Best 3 Face Washes for Blackheads and Large Pores 1

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

These are three very effective cleansers if you want to make blackheads a thing of the past. It also helps to drink plenty of water to reduce the oiliness in your complexion and keep new blackheads and whiteheads from forming. If you notice redness or peeling after using these products, reduce use to once or twice a week to restore the moisture balance in your skin.

Best 3 Foundation for Mature Skin with Large Pores

A lovely foundation is a great start for flawless, amazing make-up. If you have mature skin and have big pores, there are certain things you should take into consideration before selecting your foundation.

1. Choose a foundation that contains antioxidants or SPF. These ingredients will help to protect your skin.

2. If you have age spots or skin discoloration, choose a foundation that will aid in hiding these flaws.

3. Ensure the foundation contains moisturizing formula.

4. Ensure the foundation is oil free and non-comedogenic. This will reduce the possibility of your pores becoming clogged.

5. Choose a matte finish foundation. This will reduce the visibility of large pores.

Here are the best three foundations for mature skin with large pores:

3. Mineral Photo Touch Foundation. For a flawless finish, this product only requires moderate coverage. It contains unique ingredients that minimize the appearance of pores and any skin imperfections that you have. You will look younger when you wear this foundation as it contains botanical extracts that softens lines and wrinkles.

Pros: It provides flawless coverage and makes skin look youthful.

Con: It’s hard to find the right shade to match your skin.

Mineral Photo Touch Foundation

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Olay CC Cream. This foundation is formulated with anti-aging ingredients. It provides a flawless finish and makes your skin glow. Olay CC Cream is oil free and is designed to reduce the visibility of pores and dryness. If you have age spots this foundation provides great coverage too.

Pros: It is dermatologically tested and has anti-aging formula.

Cons: If you use Olay CC Cream after applying a moisturizer, it won’t blend well. Furthermore, it already contains moisturizer, so you really don’t need to use a separate moisturizer.

Olay CC Cream - Total Effects Daily Moisturizer plus Touch of Foundation

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Cover FX Skin Prep FX Nourishing Foundation Primer and Anti-Aging Serum. This foundation is formulated from unique ingredients designed to nourish your skin while offering a great coverage. It also contains anti-aging serum which hydrates your skin and reduces the appearance of aging and large pores.

Pros: It’s great for all skin types and extends the wear of your of your make-up.

Con: It’s not really a foundation, but when you apply it before using your foundation, it extends the wear.

Cover FX Skin Prep FX Nourishing Foundation Primer and Anti-Aging Serum

Click on the image to check out the updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

If you have mature skin and large pores, finding a great foundation for aging skin is twice as hard. However, you can use the above listed foundation to get flawless coverage and simultaneously reduce the visibility of large pores. Choose any of the three if you want amazing results.

3 Highly Recommended Kojic Acid Soap for Skin Lightening

Koji Acid is one of the most effective ingredients used in skin whitening products. However, not all skin whitening products containing kojic acid are made equal. When choosing kojic acid soaps, ensure that you don’t make a choice based only on its lightening characteristics. Ensure the soap that you choose is multi-faceted, has the ability to rejuvenate the cells, deep cleanses to remove impurities beneath the skin and contains pure ingredients. To make your quest for whiter, beautiful skin a bit easier, here are the top three skin whitening products that you should keep in your skin whitening arsenal.

3. Relumins Advance Whitening Soap

This product will deliver professional skin whitening results for a fraction of the price. It contains a variety of ingredients which together make it one of the most effective skin whitening soap on the market.

Pros: It contains arbutin which is one of the the most effective and trusted skin whiteners available. It also contains TA Plant Stem Cell which makes skin look youthful and healthy and also renews cells.

Con. The soap is quite harsh, so it might not be a great option if you have sensitive skin.

Relumins Advance Whitening Soap with Intensive Skin Repair & Stem Cell Therapy

Relumins Advance Whitening Soap with Intensive Skin Repair & Stem Cell Therapy. Click on the image to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Kojie San Orange Kojic Whitening Soap

This product is made from a very effective formula that delivers lightning speed results. If you are looking for a product that will not only whiten your skin but make it appear more youthful and radiant, then this is the product for you.

Pro. It is great for use on stretch marks or hyper pigmented skin.

Cons. The soap bars are small, so you will not get much use. It’s harsh and may sting you if you have bruises or cuts. It is also known to dry out your skin, so if you have dry skin, this product may not be suitable for you. You can, however, combat the dryness by applying a moisturizer immediately after use.

Kojie San Orange Kojic Whitening Soap

Kojie San Orange Kojic Whitening Soap. Click on the image to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Kojic Acid & Glutathione Dual Whitening/Bleaching

This product is double effective for both skin whitening and bleaching. It is effective against freckles, acne scars and age spots. The product is also formulated with unique ingredients that nourish the skin. If you have stubborn dark areas of the skin such as your inner thighs under arms, Kojic Acid & Glutathione Dual Whitening/Bleaching will lighten these areas effortlessly.

Pros. It lightens stubborn areas of the skin and deep cleanses to remove embedded dir. It also aids in the removal of blackheads and whiteheads.

Con. One bar of the soap doesn’t last very long.

Whitened, beautiful, youthful and healthy skin is only a bar of koji acid soap away. You can use any of the above listed soaps if you want amazing results in your skin whitening quest.

Kojic Acid & Glutathione Dual Whitening/Bleaching Soap

Kojic Acid & Glutathione Dual Whitening/Bleaching Soap. Click on the image to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

Best 3 Anxiety Medication for Men

Best 3 Anxiety Medication for Men

1. Mood Boost Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief. Mood Boost contains 60 vegetarian capsules with 5 HTP, passion flower, L-tyrosine, suntheanine, ashwagandha and GABA. Mood Boost is made by LES Labs and is continuously one of the most popular and must-have mood stabilizer and anxiety reliever medication. It contains a potent calming formula fortified with GABA to reduce stress and anxiety. It has the power of 5-HTP to promote positive mood. Meanwhile, L-tyrosine and L-theanine has been shown to relieve anxiety as well as stress. Moreover, Mood Boost is also fortified with calming herbs that has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine. Herbs such as passion flower, ashwagandha and chamomile  is known for its powerful calming and soothing properties. The complete list of ingredients include: L-tyrosine, GABA, L-theanine, suntheanine, 5-HTP, ashwagandha root extract, passion flower extract, chamomile extract, rhodiola rosea extract, and lemon balm. The recommended frequency for taking Mood Boost is one capsule a day. Prolonged use of this supplement will help you ease your moods and feel less anxious every day. However, if symptoms of severe anxiety persist, it is best to see a doctor. Overall, this anxiety supplement is worth a shot.

best-anxiety-medication-for-men2. Kava-Kava Muscle Relaxant and Sleep Aid. Anxiety is a very troubling problem, it can simply sap out the energy in you. Anxiety often roots to the experience of stress. There’s a thing called healthy stress, but it can also escalate from mild anxiety into anxiety with physical manifestations. Those experiencing major anxiety with physical symptoms such as difficulty breathing, palpitations, and headache are often treated with anti-anxiety medications, which are regulated medication and can only be purchased after careful evaluation of a psychologist. On the other hand, supplements like kava-kava can greatly help those experiencing anxiety. Kava-kava is an OTC medication and can be readily purchased anywhere. It contains the active ingredient kava-kava, which is rich in the active compound “kavalactones” that act as muscle relaxant and sleeping aid.

best-anxiety-medication-for-men-kavakava3. Now Foods True Calm Amino Relaxer. This product is rich in the following vitamins: niacin as niacinamide, vitamin B6 or pyridoxine, magnesium, GABA or gamma aminobutyric acid, glycine, taurine, inositol, and valerian root. Other accessory ingredients include gelatin and magnesium stearate. Moreover, the product does not contain any additive such as corn, soy, yeast, gluten, preservatives, sugar, or milk. With the combined powers of the mentioned ingredients, you are surely equipped with fortifying nutrients to help you get rid of anxiety.


Best 3 Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Best 3 Anniversary Gifts for Wife

1. Sterling Silver “You Hold My Heart Forever” Open Heart Pendant Necklace. The statement is painstakingly heart-warming as well as flattering for any woman to hear. The sterling silver necklace is intertwined and beautifully designed, with an 18” chain and an open heart pendant. It is timeless as well as thoughtful. To add, the gorgeous crystals will make her feel like a gem. The item is crafted in a .925 sterling silver with a spring ring clasp to secure it on her neck. The statement “you hold my heart forever” is very beautiful, especially if you have been together for years. To add, apart from the gift, you can also take her out to dinner. Women would rather choose a place with which she had wonderful memories with, like the café where you first met together, or the park where you had your first date. Women love to stroll down through memory lane as it makes your special day more romantic.

best-anniversary-gifts-for-wife2. Best Wife Victory Trophy Award.  There is nothing more cute and quirky than an amusing anniversary gift for your wife. If you’re someone with a good sense of humor, or if your wife loves you for your sense of humor, you can give her something as exemplary like a trophy stating she is the best wife ever. This might seem a little quirky but this is a good suggestion for those young couples out there who’d appreciate a good laugh. She can display the trophy in your living room, or on her desk, or simple within the confines of your bedroom. It lightens the place and it reminds the lofty experiences you had with each other. It also reminds you of peace, youth, joy, and laughter that you’ve shared. The trophy is made by ABH and appreciative titles are always at the ready. This is one unique anniversary gift you don’t want to miss.

best-anniversary-gifts-for-wife-trophy3. Two is Better Than One Heart Necklace. Undeniably, two is better than one. Being together takes the sadness away. With a touching necklace that states what she is in your life is definitely flattering, especially if you have shared many happy years together. Two is better than one necklace is an 18” chain with lobster claspsilver layer plus amazingly beautiful crystals. To add, you can gift it to her on your anniversary in a wonderfully gift box. It also comes with a romantic message card.


Best 3 Amplifier for Cars

Best 3 Amplifier for Cars

1. Crunch PZ800.2 Powerzone Car Amplifier. This is probably the premier car amplifier among any other else. It has a SEPP or Single Ended Push Pull A/B class amplifier design all equipped with 2 channel and 4 channel feature. It also has bridgeable designs, carbon fiber effect body as well as the certified seal of Crunch. It is also powered by fully adjustable electronic crossovers for fast and easy audio system setup compatible to almost any kind of speaker system. With Crunch, you will totally enjoy your setup.

best-amplifier-for-cars2. Kenwood KAC-1502S Stereo/Bridgeable 350 Watts 2 Channel Car power Amplifier. This product is made by Kenwood and is powered by a stereo/ bridgeable 350 watts 2 channel car power amplifier. It contains a 2-channel class A/B car amplifier with maximum output of a whopping 175 watts of 2 channels. It has a MOSFET switching power supply and RMS power rating of 4 ohms of 60 watts of 2 channels; for 2 ohms with 75 watts with two channels; and for bridged there are 4 ohms with 150 watts with one channel. This awesome product is equipped with a LED power indicator plus speaker level inputs. It is also short circuit-resistant with a DC offset, overload and thermal protection circuitry all contained in a cast aluminum heat sink design. It also has RCA level inputs with screw terminals and fixed low pass filter of 80 Hz CEA-2006 compliant amplifier. If you’re troubled about frequency, the response is from 5 to 50,000 Hz.

best-amplifier-for-cars-watts3. Lanzar VCT2010 800 Watt 2-Channel High Power Mosfet Amplifier. This item is a 800 watt high power Mosfet amplifier with 2 channels. It has 400 watts with 2 output at 4 ohms. Moreover, it also has 800 watts feature with 1 bridged output at 2 ohms. It is also equipped with 2 ohm stable Mosfet power supply variable hi-pass and 40 Hz to 250 Hz variable low pass. When it comes to variable input level, it is aimed at 40 Hz to 250 Hz gain control. It also has a 6V to 200 mV bass boost switch of 0 to 18 dB. When it comes to safety, this item also has its perks. It has a thermal, overload, short circuit protection and a soft on/off power and protection. It has an LED indicator low level RCA input with 10K ohms line level and RCA output frequency response of 15 Hz signal to noise ration of less than 95 decibels. It also has a 2 X 20 amp maxi type fuse slim size amplifier design for easy installation.


Best 3 Alternative to Apple iPad

Best 3 Alternative to Apple iPad

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This product might actually be the most perfect alternative to the Apple iPad. It is powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with 10.1 inch of display. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has a Samsung tablet processor 1.4 GHz2 GB RAM memory, 16 GB on-board memory plus an S pen for ease of use. With Samsung Galaxy Note, you can enjoy a variety of android apps, games, camera, music, and videos. You also have an S pen to add more leisure to tablet use. It is also easier to connect your gadget to a Smart TV for more powerful and entertaining use. You wouldn’t think twice about getting a Samsung, especially if an Apple iPad is way out of reach.

best-alternative-to-apple-ipad2. Samsung Galaxy Note  8.0. Apple iPad is undeniably expensive, and of course, top of the line. However, the skyrocketing price isn’t much of a ‘pocket-friendly’ type. However, when it comes to the more affordable counterpart, there isn’t much of a difference. Apparently, there might be some difference but, overall, the application is basically the same. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has a 1.6 GHz Quad Core Processor all in a simple 8-inch display. It is also packed with 16 GB of memory, 2 GB RAM, a micro SD card slot that can cater for up to 64 GB. It is also android powered with Jelly Bean OS. When it comes to usability, Samsung Galaxy is very usable, it is also compatible to other gadgets there is. It is compatible in operating a Smart TV, easier and effective compared to Apple.

best-alternative-to-apple-ipad-samsung3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Samsung Galaxy might just be the sole alternative competent enough to be compared to the Apple iPad. Samsung Galaxy tab, on the other hand, is probably Apple iPad’s toughest competitor. With the upgrades made in android phones, Samsung is a high quality alternative. The Samsung Galaxy tab is powered by Android 4.1.2 jelly bean OS with 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 8 GB flash memory, 1 GB RAM memory store for photos, videos, music and more. The Samsung Galaxy tab is also packed with a microSD that can cater for up to 64 GB of memory plus another whopping 50 GB of Dropbox storage. When it comes to camera, the tab has 3 MP on the rear and 1.3 MP on the front. To add, it is also pre-loaded with content such as Hulu Plus membership, Google play credit, and Boingo Wi-Fi access.


Best 3 Adrenal Supplement

Best 3 Adrenal Supplement

1. MegaFood Adrenal Strength Tablets. This amazing product is packed with functional food such as mushrooms, astragalus and schisandra to help strengthen the immune system as well as the adrenal system. The core action of the supplement is to fortify and support the functioning of the body’s adrenals. Each serving of MegaFood Adrenal Strength is fortified with 250 mg of Sensoril, an extract of Ashwagandha and is known to improve emotional balance and wellbeing. Each capsule is also infused with 200 mg of rosea extract, a adaptogen known to harmonize the body as well as improve mood, physical performance, and strengthen the immune system. MegaFood is also fortified with pantothenic acid, vitamin C, magnesium, L-serine, and other nutrients to improve overall functional of the adrenal glands, as well as the production of cortisol to manage stress response. Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms are also used in MegaFood. The said mushrooms are included in ancient Chinese medicine to replenish and calm the body.

best-adrenal-supplement2. MegaFood Women’s One Daily Tablets. Severely stressed out? One of the main purposes of an adrenal supplement is to guide the body into a healthy stress response. What can stress do? It can basically eat up the body and sap energy out of it. A severely stressed out person has a weaker immune system as well as easy fatigue-ability and malaise. On the psychological aspect, a stressed out person may not effectively function at work, may get easily involved in arguments, and could not pay attention to anything else but solely on the source of stress. The person becomes out of focus, inattentive, and undeniably resistant. In conclusion, a physical, emotional and psychological burn out is very possible. MegaFood, on the other hand, is a supplement that helps people adapt better to stressors through a fortified stress response. It contains whole food nutrients and organic herbs to rejuvenate the physique, health and wellbeing of a person. It also contains an array of carotenoids and age-defying antioxidants to help cleanse the body of stress and toxins.

best-adrenal-supplement-women3. Natural Sources – All Adrenal. This supplement is packed with the goodness of nature to help you conquer stress and get the best of life. The recommended dosage for this is once a day, enough to help you get going. Stress is normal, but the way you adapt to it is the surprising key. Face stressors with a healthy mind and body. Natural Sources, on the other hand, is a healthy supplement with no sign of starch, sugar, preservative, additives, artificial coloring, yeast, soy, wheat, milk, growth hormones, antibiotics or any chemical additives.


Best 3 Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Best 3 Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

1. Sonic Boom SBH400 Sweetheart Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock. This alarm clock is king among any other alarms. Why? Imagine 113 decibels of extra-loud alarm plus a rigid 12-volt bed shaking vibration to fully wake you up. It is also equipped with flashing alert lights and is equipped with 12/24 hour time capability. To add, you will also have 5-level dimmer and test function to ensure that your alarm buddy has been set up properly. It also has a battery back up to make sure your alarm won’t fail you.

best-alarm-clock-for-heavy-sleepers2. I Bright LLC Talking Kitten Cat Shape Talking Alarm Clock. It’s definitely hard to wake up late in the morning only to find out that your alarm was not loud enough to wake you up – when the sole purpose of purchasing an alarm clock is it to be vicious enough to wake you up. There are just those people who are heavy sleepers. It all depends on what stage he or she is in the sleep wake cycle. It has been found out that those who are in the third or fourth stage, or in the REM, are those who are hard to rouse. Roughly enough, REM sleep is the last stage and often happens in the morning – the time when your alarm clock to about to wake you up. Thus, here come alarm clocks that were designed to rouse heavy and hard to rouse sleepers. I Bright Talking Kitten is just about annoying enough to get you on your feet. A simple tap or touch and the alarm will tell you the time. Moreover, this alarm is quirky enough to be played. A simple tap on the tail and the cat-shaped alarm’s ear will turn blue. To add, the cat’s front legs can be moved. This simply irresistible alarm clock is operated by 2 pieces of AAA batteries. The alarm also has a great LCD display with blue lighted background, and it reads the time and temperature.

best-alarm-clock-for-heavy-sleepers-bright3. iHome Wacky Phrases Alarm Clock. Even after rousing, the mind might still seem to be asleep. Thus, you need to stimulate your brain through 7 wacky phrases from your alarm. If you still won’t nudge, the vibrating action will take off to get you moving your feet. For those who’d like to tap the snooze button, a different phrase will go off. It also has an adjustable alarm volume with a 0.8” LCD display with momentary indigo night light. This amazing product works on 3 AA batteries.


Best 3 ADHD Medications for Adults

Best 3 ADHD Medications for Adults

1. Nootropic – Mindtrixil Lab Grade. This product is highly recommended as a brain supplement that supports and maintains memory, concentration and focus. Nootropic is scientifically researched, studied, and evaluated to ensure that those with ADHD and ADD can increase their mental focus, attention span, brain function, alertness, cognition, energy, and concentration. One of the active ingredients includes vitamin B12 and B6, known to enhance the impulse functioning of the distal and proximal nerves. The said vitamins are also known to maintain energy and aid in metabolism. Aside from ADHD and ADD, this supplement is also good for those who work long tedious hours, those who are studying, and those who just want to improve their memory. This product is manufactured in the US and is GMP facility FDA inspected. It has been graded A by the National Nutritional Foods Association and is assured to be 100% natural, pure and safe. Users of the said supplement showed dramatic increase in perceptual focus, memory and recall. To add, the productivity rate of the product is 98% compared to placebo.

best-adhd-medications-for-adults2. Brain Booster X. Whether it is for ADHD or for ADD, everyone needs a supplement for the brain. Apparently, one of the most common complaints in people with ADHD is difficulty to concentrate and remember. They might have a very important meeting the next day and they’d totally forget it in the morning. They may be sitting on a meeting for hours and they just can’t get but get out of focus. Thing is, there are neuro-disturbances in the brain that needs some attention. Undeniably, a brain boost is painstakingly important, Brain Booster X that is. It is a memory, focus, and concentration supplement infused with natural cognitive enhancer and memory loss support for those with ADD and ADHD. This supplement helps improve attention and reduce the symptoms of ‘brain fog’. The ingredients include Vinpocetine, an oxygenator and activator of brain metabolism; Bacopin, Phosphatidylserine, Carnitine, DMAE, as well as supplementary ingredients such as gingko Biloba, L-Glutamine, and Acetylcholine.

best-adhd-medications-for-adults-brain-booster3. Eureka! Intensified Focus. This product is dubbed with the phrase “get optimum brain stimulation”. Eureka is a brain supplement that supports and maintains memory, concentration and focus. It is packed with 13 potent ingredients that help in alleviating the symptoms exhibited in ADHD and ADD. Moreover, ADHD is a problem in neurotransmitters and, sometimes, it only needs some supplements to help the brain get into optimum functioning. This product is definitely good food for the brain. Eureka Intensified Focus contain 90 capsules.


Best 3 Acoustic Guitars Under 1000

Best 3 Acoustic Guitars Under 1000

1. Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar. Finally, here comes the king of all acoustic guitars. It is one of the most popular and must have guitars in the planet. Moreover, it is popular in any place in the world. With the pizzazz, class, and repulation it has, however, Fender takes it lightly a little under 1000. It has a full sized dreadnought body complete with full and vibrant tone. A highly versatile instrument, Fender guitars go along quite well for all genres of music. It has a laminated spruce top, a laminated agathis back and side, plus awesome accessories that include the following: guitar bundle with gig bag, instructional DVD, picks, strap, polishing cloth as well as tuner. To add, if you’re an amateur guitarist, you will fall in love with the convenient and practical features that will help any beginner musician strumming in no time. Whether the guitar is for leisure or professional practice, the Fender guitar is perfect as well as affordable for those who’d like to try a hand at some new endeavor.

best-acoustic-guitar-under-10002. Taylor Guitars 210. It is often hard to understand why acoustic guitars have to be that expensive. There are gadgets and tablets that only cost about 100 dollars. However, musicians do play their part. It takes a musician to know a fellow musician, and guitars must need the right quality to sound perfectly – especially if you play in a professional band. Moreover, acoustic guitars are often made with wood, strings, and knobs to tighten the strings. The hardware isn’t that expensive but the way how the guitar is made and the engineering it takes to sound better gives it the winning price – of more than 1000 sometimes.  The Taylor guitar has a dreadnought shape, with solid sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides, plus a hard shell bag to secure it all in.

best-acoustic-guitar-under-1000-taylor3. Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar. This awesome product is made in North America and is made with a new and brilliant way of engineering. It has a new scalloped Adirondack spruce bracing, with rosewood fingerboard, new rosewood bridge design, plus a select solid top and solid back and sides. Seagull really has mastered the art of guitar artistry with it sleek and functional design. Moreover, it is also filled with positive feedback on the quality of sound it produces and the comfort of the strings and guitar body is gives. It is rightfully a masterpiece.


Best 3 Tablet for Kids 2014

Best 3 Tablet for Kids 2014

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition. This is the premier tablet of all tablets, unlike the MAC book or Apple version. Samsung is one of the leading and best buy tablets among any other tablets. It is affordable and is packed with a variety of interesting features. It works on Adroid 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS, Samsung Marvell PXA270, 1.2 GHz processor, a whopping 8GB ROM memory, and 1 GB RAM memory pre-loaded with children’s applications. The application includes interesting and learning games for children, camera, paint tools, and many more. To add, it also has the standard features like that of the original and regular Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It’s not bad to give your children the best; it is giving him the rare gift of experiencing the pleasures in life at a young age. After all, your child deserves the best.

best-tablets-for-kids-20142. Lexibook Junior Tablet. Back in the days, children didn’t enjoy much but take mere plastic telephone toys and use their imagination to make it usable and enjoyable. On the other hand, children these days don’t take much pleasure in the things that children ten years ago did enjoy. It is indeed imperative to say that the world has entered the computer age. About 10 years ago, tablets had a different meaning. Nowadays, it’s one of the must-have gadgets there is. Why a tablet for children? Children are a touch-and-feel population. Keys on the computer aren’t pleasurable if they are still too young to understand the QWERTY system. A tablet, on the other hand, is one of the simplest devices there is. There are only 2 methods of using it: tap and swipe. Children will definitely love the simple games, the nice colourful view, plus the apps that they can easily enjoy from the android menu. Lexibook Junior Tablet is one of the fine kinds.

best-tablets-for-kids-2014-lexibook3. Fuhu NABI NABI2-NV7A 7-inch Tablet. Powered with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, children will definitely love the 7 inch display NVIDIA. It has Tegra 3.0 and 1.3 GHz1GB802_11_BGN wireless. Apparently, there are many enjoyable apps to enjoy in an android tablet. Your kids will enjoy the high definition display of games, downloadable tunes, music, and movies. He or she can also enjoy surfing the internet with the wireless capacity infused in the gadget. Plus, unlike the conventional laptop, your kid can take it anywhere he or she likes. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and can last long so you don’t need to plug it often.


Best 3 Top Load Washing Machines: Highly Recommended

Best 3 Top Load Washing Machines: Highly Recommended

1. Smart + Products SPP55AW Portable Compact Top Load Washing Machine. This product is the pride of all washers. At 1.65 cubic feet, this is one of the smallest washers there is. However, don’t let the size fool you. It can do a whopping 12 pounds of laundry all with 4 wash programs, so you’re sure that your clothes are spotless clean and fresh. It is also powered with 10 electronically controlled water levels plus 3 water temperature selections to protect your sensitive fabric making it ‘shrink-proof’. This product bagged 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon and it has a chic stainless steel finish with a clear viewing lid complete with electronic controls and LED indicators. It also has smooth rolling casters, a faucet adapter, and a pair of fill and drain hoses.

best-top-load-washing-machines-highly-recommended2. Koblenz LCK Compact Portable Washing Machine. Undeniably, there are two sides in a coin. If you have to own a washing machine, there are two sides of the table – and eventually, a long list of advantages and disadvantages. Owning a washing machine will cut half of the day’s work. However, it takes up too much space, especially in a painstakingly small apartment. It may eat up too much electricity, it may not be noise-proof, and it may not totally remove all the stains and smells in your clothing. Thus, you need a washer that can be anything but disadvantageous. Here comes Koblenz, a powerful washer designed to save space for those meagrely small abodes. It can carry 6.6 pounds of laundry with an automatic 15 minute timer. It also has a reversible action impeller as well as specifically designed handles to get the work done smoothly. This product garnered 3 stars out of 5, not bad for a newcomer.

best-top-load-washing-machines-highly-recommended-portable3. Sonya Compact Portable Apartment Small Washing Machine. Space is indeed important these days, especially if you live in a small apartment. However, living small doesn’t mean you have to squeeze all the stuff in your home. One problem about small size washers is that it couldn’t cater to large quantity laundry. It means, you still have to work your way around somehow. However, Sonya portable washer is designed to wash big yet stay small. Only at 1.9 cubic feet but it can handle up to a couple of pounds of laundry. Garnering 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, this product is really promising. It also comes with casters to help you do laundry with ease.


Best 3 Accessories for Nexus 7

Best 3 Accessories for Nexus 7

1. Pandamimi ULAK Rotating Case for Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen 2013 Android Tablet. This amazing product has the ability to rotate for a whopping 360 degrees. It has also has rotation support for vertical and horizontal viewing. It also has a multi-angle stand for auto sleep and wake. Furthermore, it also has a W/10 in 1 bundle kits complete with car charger, USB cable, a pair of earphones, a screen protector, and a touch stylus pen. All the accessories mentioned is specifically made for the new Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Generation tablet. Apparently, the accessories are not compatible with the 1st generation Nexus. If you want uniqueness, style, and ease of use, this is your accessory.

best-accessories-for-nexus-72. Bundle Monster 12 in 1 case with wall and car charger, USB/AUX cables, stereo handsfreeearbuds, 2 in 1 stylus pen, and screen protector set for Nexus 7 tablet. Undeniably, Bundle Monster knows how to anticipate. Of course, when people talk about techy accessories, they usually mean a specific accessory or a specific add-in to the whole package. However, when it comes to Bundle Monster, you get all the works. This is one accessory set you definitely want to buy. All the accessories are compatible with Google Nexus 7, and that is means the pre 2013 models. The casing is a textured synthetic leather with multi-functional swivel for ease of use. The whole package comes with a Bundle Monster pouch to keep all essentials in one place – which is insanely amazing because it helps you organize all your Google Nexus accessories. The bundle also comes with 2 in 1 stylus pen to help with precision typing.

best-accessories-for-nexus-7-samsung3. Fintie Folio Case for Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen 2013 Android Tablet Slim Fit with Auto Wake/Sleep Feature. Casing comes with durable synthetic leather with soft interior specifically designed to keep your Google Nexus in best possible shape. The accessory is designed to fit Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen 2013. The cover has a flip capability to easily convert from vertical to horizontal for easy viewing, typing, emailing, gaming or watching great movies without much twitching. Moreover, this product also comes with magnetic strip to provide sleep/wake. To add, it also comes with a smart holder for stylus pen. It also has an interior pocket for Velcro flap to secure your device. Most of all, Fintie cases come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. You’ll surely fall in love with the vibrant colors the cases.


Best 3 BB Creams for Sensitive Skin

Best 3 BB Creams for Sensitive Skin

1. Hanskin Premium Magic BB Cream.As one of the distinguished leaders in BB cream, Hanskin is equipped with magic to help you achieve a flawless look. The BB cream is moist and smooth, and is packed with healing and calming properties to soothe your skin when irritated or blemished. The BB cream is thick enough to give you full coverage yet smooth enough to make you feel like you put nothing on. It has a smooth feel, application wouldn’t seem like you just rubbed thick oil on your face. Hanskin has SPF 15, with an amazing formula to erase wrinkles, and whiten your skin. It is equipped with grapeseed oil to full nourish and hydrate your skin.

best-bb-creams-for-sensitive-skin2. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream.This BB cream comes in natural beige to match the colors among fiar-skinned women. In terms of protective ability, this product has a whopping SPF 42 to protect your skin against the harmful and damaging effects of the sun. It has a UV blocking ability with whitening and wrinkle care. To sole purpose of this cream is to make your skin as flawless as possible. The BB cream aims to make your skin tone clean and natural, without the ultra-white makeup look. The BB cream helps to conceal blemishes, and gives you exemplary skin coverage – of course, without the sticky and oily feel. It is a multi-functional makeup and simplifies makeup formalities, making makeup application as easy job. It has a moisturized application with a certain texture to make a touchable and soft sleek skin tone. With the product, there’s no need to apply another coat of sunscreen, this BB cream works as BB cream and sunscreen in one.

best-bb-creams-for-sensitive-skin-missha3. Etude House Moment vs Bad Guy BB Cream.The name is quite quirky, but the benefits this cream has are amazing. It has a perfect sebum control feature which helps regulate oil. Oil, as well as sebum, are normally produced by the skin cells in the body. However, there are time when cells produced more than what is asked for, and that invites dirt and bacteria to thrive on pores. That causes blackheads, whiteheads, and eventually, pimples. Etude has oil regulating abilities to help lessen the chance for pimples and blemishes. It also has a whitening and wrinkle care formula to whiten your skin and reduce the signs of skin aging. It also has an SPF of 35, to help protect you against the sun.


Best 3 Tablets Under 100 Dollars

Best 3 Tablets Under 100 Dollars

1. Coby Kyros 4.3 inch Android 4.0 GB.This device is a 4.3 inch tablet with Android 4.0, it has 4 GB memory plus 16.9 capacitative multi touch screen. In terms of Android, it has 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with a 4.3 inch display, and 4GB flash memory, it also has 0.5 GB RAM Memory. This item is also super lightweight and only weighs about 0.3 pounds. With the influx of the ‘tablet trend’, this item is definitely a must have. Moreover, tabs are indeed an essential in everyday life. You don’t have to carry a heavy laptop with you to work, you don’t have to plug it in continually like what you do with your laptop, you can sit on a café and simply swipe to browse the internet.

best-tablets-under-100-dollars2. Dragon Touch 7”Dual Core Y88 Google Android 4.1 tablet PC. Nowadays, getting a tablet is as important as getting a pair of work boots. Tablets are fast replacing the whole idea of notebooks, PCs, and laptops. Undeniably, the reasons for its triumph among other gadgets are endless. It is portable, you can carry it anywhere with you, you can watch videos, play games, download android apps, and it won’t drain much on your battery. PCs work with a plug on, laptops and notebooks work for only a couple of hours – except MAC, but tablets can work longer than the rest of the innovation crowd. And for something that can be bought for as low as 100 dollars, then it is definitely a must-have. Dragon Touch ha a dual core CPU with DDR3 RAM, plus a high performance Quad Core Mali 400 GPU for coolest 3D graphics. It also comes with Google Android Jelly Bean, Google Play Store pre-installed, and a micro SD slot which can cater for up to 32 GB. To add to the roster of goodness, it also has multi touch HD screen, wifi, and a front facing camera for perfect selfie moments.

best-tablets-under-100-dollars-dualcore3. Lenovo IdeaTab A1000L 7 inch 8 GB Tablet.This amazing Lenovo product comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It has a 7” display with a 1.2 dual core processor, 8 GB of flash memory, 0.5 GB RAM, and a whopping 7 hour battery life. Moreover, it has an internal support frame that ensures protection against knocks and drops. To add, the device is specifically designed to enhance software and hardware to satisfy your needs. It has a front speaker that plays in the direction that you want. It is also undeniably lightweight under a pound and is only half an inch thin.