Best 3 Chapstick for Severely Chapped Lips

Best 3 Chapstick for Severely Chapped Lips

1. Blistex Medicated Lip Balm with SPF 15 for Dryness and Chapping. This here is specifically designed and manufactured to help people with severely dry and chapped lips. Primordially, sun exposure, heat or cold, lack of essential oils can cause dry, chapped lips. Thus, this product is specifically made to protect the lips against the mentioned conditions. It has an easy glide formula that soothes irritated lips. It also packed with deep moisturizers and nutrients to bring back softness and suppleness in your lips. It has a powerful SPF of 15 and the medicated balm works with three long-lasting protectants. For best results, Blistex may be reapplied frequently to lock in moisture in the lips especially on extremely hot or cold days. Blistex is sure to provide complete coverage as well as protection formula to avoid any kind of irritation. Of all chapsticks available in the market, only a few would devote to so much time in lips protection and healing.

best-chapstick-for-severely-chapped-lips2. Nivea a Kiss of Smoothness Hydrating SPF 10 Lip Care. This 0.35 ounce lip care stick is available in packs of 6 at Amazon. This product is made by Nivea and judging by brand name, you’re sure that you’re getting the most of your money. The product is basically lightweight and is small enough to fit your party purse. Do retouches in a jiffy. There’s no problem if you’d like to keep your lips moist and supple during a night party or just maintaining a healthy pair of lips every day. This product is packed with a fast absorbing formula to lock in moisture and repair damages or dryness. Nivea is known for its ultra-long-lasting moisturizing properties and is equipped with an SPF of 10 to protect your kisser against harmful ultraviolet rays.

best-chapstick-for-severely-chapped-lips-nivea3. Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Formula. Undeniably, everyone knows a good name when they see one. As the name says it, Vaseline is packed with healing properties and moisture-locking formula. Available in a pack of 12 at Amazon, this amazing item is available in small 0.35 ounce tubes. The product is known for its Vaseline lip therapy advanced formula which helps dry, chapped lips recuperate and become healthily pink and moist. To add, the formula has intensive moisturizing properties with sun and wind protection to help your lips withstand the effects of extreme temperature. Product is made in the USA, from Vaseline, a leader in moisturizing products since 1870.


Best 3 Tablets With Keyboard

Best 3 Tablets With Keyboard

1. Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Universal Removable Keyboard.When it comes to removable and universal keyboard, nothing works better than Kensington, the leader in universal accessories. This package comes with a universal removable keyboard, case and stand that is suitable for 10” tablets. This keyboard accessory is compatible with Samsung Galazy tab 2 10.1, Samsung Note, Asus Transformer, and Google Nexus. The keyboard is tactile with high performance keys specifically optimized for those who love to touch type. It also comes with a removable Bluetooth keyboard to help you avoid unnecessary cables and wires while you type. It also has a Velcro fastener to secure your tab in a vertical position. View angle can shift from 70 to 20 degrees. The whole Kensington package is fully functional, operation, and compact, the stand also contains cut outs for speakers, 1/O ports, and for front and back cameras. When it comes to the perfect tablet stand, Kensington Keyfolio is a fabulous find.

best-tablets-with-keyboard2. Samsung 7” Tablet Stand with USB Keyboard. It’s great to have a tab, unfortunately, if you intend to write something lengthy, tapping your way into it might not be helpful of some sort. Tapping may require time and, with each tap, it may be hard for your tab to regain speed for the next letter you’ll tap in. In summary, there’s nothing like typing on a Qwerty keyboard, eith the feel of hard hardware on your fingertips. Unfortunately, it is indeed hard to type in a tab, especially if the screen is in a small 7” size. Thus, portable/removable keyboards are an essential. The Samsung ATIV tab is a 10-inch wide display with USB keyboard. It operated on Windows 8, Intel Atom, 1.8 GHz64  GB flash memory, 2 GB RAM, with a tablet computer, Bluetooth keyboard, cover, stylus pen, and an AC adapter.

3. Sanoxy 7” Tablet with USB Keyboard.There are a couple of keyboard accessories but it is best if you can buy a tablet with a ready-made available one. However, when it comes to tablet accessories and portable keyboards compatible to any kind of tablet brand, Sanoxy is your best bet. Sanoxy is a 7” tablet stand with keyboard that connects via USB 2.0. It is a stand complete with magnetic closure and leather carrying case. The whole package also comes with keyboard, stylus pen, and pockets that can carry for up to 2 stylus pens. It also has a USB cable, and extendable stand, and with real laptop style keys.


Best 3 Security Camera System for Home

Best 3 Security Camera System for Home

1.Q-See QT5680-8E4-1 8 Channel Full D1 Security Surveillance System with 8 High Resolution 700 TVL Cameras and 1TB Hard Drive.When it comes to HD, there’s nothing as exemplary as Q-See. The whole package contains 8 high resolution weatherproof cameras with 700 TV lines of resolution. Each camera also employs up to a whopping 100 feet of night vision. Moreover, to make things more accessible, the device comes with an awesome 1 TB Hard Drive for more memory. You can do remote internet monitoring of your property and you can also involve the whole family. It can cater for up to 10 users at the same time. It also has a stream live video directly available for MAC, PC, iPhone, Android, and iPad. The cameras are also motion sensitive to add in security to your home. The whole package includes DVR with 3 high resolution and 1 pan-tilt camera. It also comes in 4 high resolution cameras or 8 high resolution cameras. As they say, safety indeed needs investment.

best-security-camera-system-for-home2. D-Link Wireless Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera with mydlink-Enabled, DCS-932L. Concisely, everyone only wants the best for their home. And, in congruence, safety is next to physiologic needs in MaslowsHeirarchy. Thus, it is imperative for people to start investing in ways to keep their home safe and sound. What can a surveillance camera do? Most crime cases are solved through the use of a security system and most a prevented by it. With D-link, you have a day and night camera with 24/7 wireless connectivity. Moreover, the D-link device also works with mydlink iPhone or as an Android app. This is one of the most awesome innovations for on-the-go viewing. The D-Link package contains the following: Day Camera, Day Camera two pack, Day/Night Camera, Day/Night Micro SD camera.

best-security-camera-system-for-home-enabled3. Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master Security Camera System with Night Vision.This device just got a notch higher with night vision to help you visualize your surroundings better. Although it may have innovative night vision features but the Logitech Alert Digital Security System is not backwards compatible with Logitech WiLife Digital Security HD quality with night vision and 130 degrees wide-angle lens. On the other hand, the Logitech Alert supports remote viewing of live video on computer or smart phone such as Black Berry, Android, and iPhone. It is also supported with motion-trigger recording plus alerts. It may also need Windows-based PC for set-up and control.


Best Mascara for Thin Lashes: Top 3

Best Mascara for Thin Lashes: Top 3

3. Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator. Women, nowadays, has never been obsessed with their eyelashes. What’s in it if you can bat an eyelash? What profit would you get in having longer eyelashes? On the contrary, having long lashes has its perks. It could either give you extra sun protection for your eyes or you’d look a lot more beautiful – the way Disney princesses are so splendidly portrayed in television. Well, if you hate getting an expensive eyelash extension procedure in a salon, might as well buy this amazing product. Apply a single coat of the conditioner and apply mascara. The conditioner will help fortify and strengthen the strands, giving you a fuller and darker eyelash. This product is by Ardell and costs $8.97 on Amazon.

best-mascara-for-thin-lashes-top2. Jane Iredale Purelash Lash Extender and Conditioner. This product is a notch expensive than Ardell, which costs $14. However, this product is fortified with algae extract to surely give you the proper conditioning for your eyelash. Simply apply a single coat of the conditioner and apply another one using the ultra-black mascara. This will not only strengthen your lash, but it will also give you an illusion of having thicker lash. If you have small eyes, it is definitely a must to apply on generous amount of jet-black mascara.

best-mascara-for-thin-lashes-top-jane1. Paula Dorf Perfect Lash Conditioner with Fake Lashes and Adhesives. This landed as the best among other eyelash mascaras. This one is by Paula Dorf and costs $16 on Amazon. With this product, you are guaranteed to have a no-flake composition for durable and perfect eyelashes. Don’t worry about scents because this product is fragrance-free. It also has an opaque gloss to give you a natural look in your lashes. It comes with an excellently engineered lash brush designed to give you fuller lashes.


Best 3 TV Antenna for Rural Areas

Best 3 TV Antenna for Rural Areas

3. Lava HD-2605 UHF/VHF Antenna with Remote Control. This TV antenna is by Lava and costs about $53.78. It has a dual TV output with antenna having 360 degree rotation so that you’d get the perfect reception for a comfortable and enhanced viewing. It has a high sensitivity reception but it does not jumble up two conflicting signals. It also has a powerful built-in super low noise amplifier for those who like to bring their cinematic viewing to the next level. Range of coverage is up to 125 miles – which is a good advantage if you’re in the rural areas and you don’t get enough signal in your place. What’s good about Lava is that it has a free 30 day tech support to get you started with your new prized antenna. Over the phone, adept technicians can help you set up the antenna, configure your television, connect with awesome channels, and troubleshoot to give you amazing primetime viewing.

best-tv-antenna-for-rural-areas2. Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amplified Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna. This amazing piece is by Winegard. This antenna will bridge you to over-the-air channels to help you access top-rated shows. Winegard Flatware has a dual band antenna with ultra-low noise preamplifier for fine sounding receptions on your television. The preamplifier are embedded directly at the elements, this in turn will give you 100% amplified signal. The unique set also has a USB power supply to aid you in energy savings – which will only cost you power when the TV is powered on. The antenna has a reach of 50 miles, it also has a clear circuit technology to help you with low noise figure of only 1.0 decibel. This gives you more channels and less dropouts and pixellation.

best-tv-antenna-for-rural-areas-indoor1. Terrestrial Digital DB8 Multi-Directional ‘bowtie’ UHF DTV Antenna. This titan antenna has been reviewed by 444 people on Amazon, it has been rated as one of the few powerful TV antenna for rural areas. It has a range of up to 70 miles or 300/75 ohm. It also has the ability to supersede 70 miles when receiving signal from nearby transmitters. Enjoy the likes of ABC, FOX, NBS, and many more through this powerful antenna. It has a bowtie design, using triangular elements, to boost up bandwidths to cover the entire UHF band. Moreover, the mesh reflector is more efficient than the short range VHF reception. Overall, enjoy your television at its fullest capacity with powerful antennas that’ll capture the channels for you – in perfect reception


Best 3 Video Games of All Time

Best 3 Video Games of All Time

3. Minecraft – Xbox 360. This product is by Microsoft and platform of choice is Xbox 360  and it can be also used in Nintendo, Wii Playstation, Nintendo Wii, UPlay Station 4, Xbox One Edition. This product was rated 10+ with 4.7 stars out of 5 at Amazon. It has 326 customer reviews and almost all have been positive so far. On this game, Minecraft possibilities has just gotten bigger and infinite. The gaming phenomenon merges with the console with awesome features that fit specifically for Xbox 360. With the new version of Minecraft, crafting has never been so easy. The interface provides a complete new realm into a proactive gaming phenomenon. Learn and master essential skills with an all-new tutorial mode. Play with friends through Xbox live. Merge local split screen and play live in any combination for up to 8 players. Experience another plus with the end-game battle Ender Dragon  – with 8 multiplayer and completely revised for the console edition.

best-video-games-of-all-time2. Just Dance 2014 – Xbox 360. Quit the critical thinking and serious gaming mode, and shake your hips to Just Dance Xbox 360 by Ubisoft. This game is rated 10+ with 4.5 stars out of 5. It has 39 customer reviews and its platform is Xbox 360 but it is also compatible with Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, UPlayStation 4, and Xbox. One amazing feature for this product is that you can absolutely dance with anyone anywhere around the world. Just Dance 2014 is the first ever with online multiplayer mode. As a player, you’d get to join a virtual crew – with real friends or with anyone in the world. You can go on Stage mode, custom sweat mode, and many more. For stage mode, you’d get to own the spotlight with one lead dancer plus two back up ones. Sweat mode, on the other hand, lets you create custom playlist and track your calories.

best-video-games-of-all-time-justdance1. LEGO: MARVEL Xbox 360. Rated 10+ with 4.6 stars out of 5, this videogame has 64 customer reviews and is the first LEGO videogame that features 100 super heroes and super villains of Marvel. That includes Tony Sparks – the Iron Man, Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk, Black Widow, Loki, Deadpool, Captain America – yes, everyone in The Avengers. You can move big with gargantuan characters, like Abomination and Hulk. Smash LEGO walls and throw cars with Big-Fig move. The LEGO Marvel follows an original story merging the Marvel characters.


Best 3 Amazon Toys for Toddlers

Best 3 Amazon Toys for Toddlers

3. Chutes and Ladders Super Hero Squad. This amazing toy for your little tod has about 116 customer reviews on Amazon. Chutes and Ladders is almost like your conventional snakes and ladders, however, this one works with your little tod’s favorite daytime heroes. Chutes and Ladders is a classic up and down game featuring Super Heroes. Not only will your little tod appreciate the colourful heroes on the board but your little tyke will be intellectually stimulated and challenged to sharpen his critical thinking skills. Chutes and Ladders can cater 2 to 6 players. This will also help your little tyke establish rapport to other children and develop his or her social skills. The board has 8 Super Hero character pawns with 4 pawn stands, a spinner with a base and arrow. Don’t worry about working with the game, the board comes with a child-friendly instruction manual – cheerful ladders to move you forward, chutes that’ll slide you back, and spin to determine your steps. Your little tyke will absolutely love this game.

best-amazon-toys-for-toddlers2. VTech – Baby’s Learning Laptop. This dreamy gadget scored 232 reviews on Amazon. Stimulate your child’s creative frenzy with three-mode, play-teach shapes, common objects, feelings and music. Tickle your child’s ingenuity with the gadget’s light-up screen interacts plus a colourful keyboard to keep your baby interested. VTech Learning Laptop comes with a moveable mouse to give your tot a realistic feel of having a laptop. This toy is recommended for little tykes from 6 to 36 months. VTech Learning Laptop is an electronic learning toy packed with entertaining sound effects and enjoyable music. This amazing toy is good to hone your child’s creativity, it also help him/her challenge their mind – learning how to identify shapes, objects, and sounds.

best-amazon-toys-for-toddlers-laptop1. VTech KidiBeats Drum Set. Unless you’re a drummer yourself, you’d definitely want this for your child. Encourage your kid’s musical side with this upbeat and imaginative toy. This toy has gained 123 reviews on Amazon and they all are positive. Toddlerhood is all about learning and this educational toy has three drum pads and a cymbal – and each with its own musical sound. Play along to nine pre-set melodies in a variety of styles that includes rock, pop, and dance. Your child will definitely learn to love music and instruments. To add, each drum illuminates with LED light. There are also four modes to play to keep your tot invigorated: free play, numbers, letters and follow along. This amazing toy is best for kids from 2 to 5 years old.


Best 3 Walking Shoes for Men 2014

Best 3 Walking Shoes for Men 2014

3. Louis Garneau Monte Moutain Bike Shoe.This shoe model is not only perfect for walking but for extreme sports as well. After all, dependability and sturdiness counts. This product is by Louis Garneau Monte and is available for the list price of $95.99 to $119.99. The main color for this shoe is black. It is made of synthetic and meshes. The approximate weight for this fabulous find is 380 grams, heavy enough to support your heels and balance but light enough to not tire you out easily. It is a micro-adjust buckle for closure support and 2 hook and loop straps. The material is made of synthetic rubber and is recommended not only for cycling, you can also use it while touring, brisk walking, commuting, and even getting radical in the city. Don’t worry about the foot bed, it is removable to help you freshen your shoes.

best-walking-shoes-for-men-20142. Shimano 2014 Men’s All Mountain Bike Shoe. This awesome find is available at the list price of $99.99 to $114.99.  The color is black and is made of synthetic leather and mesh. This fabulous men’s apparel is best for brisk walking activities, cycling, touring, and is dependable enough to be tested for mid-top hiking. Shimano’s shoes are designed to endure and be used for extreme circumstances. It is specifically designed to endure mid-top hiking and cycling. It has a classic lacing closure with EVA midsole for comfort, and rubber sole for structure. It also has an adjustable hook-and-loop strap. The top of the shoe is made of tough, stretch resistant synthetic leather packed with a moisture control system to keep you fresh in intense times. It is also designed with a glass fiber reinforced nylon sole to help you transfer power from foot to pedal to keep you going.

best-walking-shoes-for-men-2014-shimano1. Scarpa Men’s Mojito Walking Shoe. This shoe brand outshines it all. Price is available from $104.99 to $139.00. This awesome product is made of leather, Vibram sole, suede on the upper portion, lace on the entry, accompanied by a heel pull, fabric lining, and molded EVA midsole. The treaded rubber sole helps deliver grip and traction to keep you going. On the other hand, you can also go crag casual or metro with this look. Whether you use it as walking shoes or a casual get-up, you’d be sport-ready as well as looking chic in your Scarpa shoes. You don’t need to go the extra mile by buying two pair of shoes,Scarpa gives you functionality and fashion in one pair.


Best 3 Water Filters for Home Drinking Water

Best 3 Water Filters for Home Drinking Water

3. DuPont WFQT390005 Quick Twist 3 Stage Drinking Water Filtration System. This amazing equipment is available at the list price of $246.25 and discounted price of 4169.00 at Amazon. This amazing product comes with a two 7000 series carbon filters and one 900 series microbiological filter. This product is perfect to eliminate all kinds of debris or impurities in water. You can fill it up for up to 1,000 gallons of water. Also included in the package is a water faucet, under sink water filter system equipped with a high flow rate for 1 gallon per minute Quick Twist change system. The Quick Twist Water Filters make it easy for self-containment and propriety systems. The Quick Twist system is designed to fit perfectly in the DuPont Quick Twist filter cartridges. Moreover, the DuPont system has a universal design, meaning to say, you can actually pair the DuPont system with other brands since it will perfectly complement and fit.

best-water-filters-for-home-drinking-water2. Watts 500320 3-Stage Under Counter Drinking Water Filter with Ultraviolet. This product scores twofold with its amazing ultraviolet system to completely eliminate impurities in the water system. Priced at $135.00, the product scores a notch higher because it has a sophisticated system that cleans water without the unwanted chlorine taste and odor. Watts has a 3rd Stage UV unit that ensures quality in drinking water. It also has a 1,350 gallon capacity plus Carbon Block Technology and UV Water Treatment System.

best-water-filters-for-home-drinking-water-ultraviolet1. Filtrete 4US-MAXL-F01 High Performance Drinking Water System Filter. This product has a single stage plus system and a maximum filtration process with filters that can last for up to 6 months. List price is $44.98 and discounted price is at $24.39 at Amazon. The price difference is really big when it comes to Filtrete. The Filtrete High Performance Drinking System reduces select VOCs. The filter has the ability to detect and remove harmful elements such as VOC, common herbicide atrazine and pesticide toxaphene, lead, pharmaceuticals, giardia cysts, cryptosporidium, chlorine, rust, sediment, and dirt. It can pack up for up to 750 gallons of water. The product also comes with an amazing Maximum PLUS filters that are absolutely easy to replace. A simple ¼ turn can get the job done. Filters also has the power to last up for 6 months. Imagine the savings you’ll get with this powerful water system filter. It is also lightweight and can easily fit into your small cabinet space.


Best 3 Relaxers for African American Hair

3. Optimum Care No-Lye Conditioning Super Relaxer System

relaxer 3

This relaxer system works pretty good, but you have to use tons of vaseline; otherwise, you would end up with some painful chemical burns. Also, don’t use heat on your hair right after using it, or you get split ends. What we like about this hair straightening kit is that it really lasts for a long time.

2. Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Thermalceutical Intensive No-lye Relaxer

relaxer 2

This relaxer works great. It reduces breakage, conditions and moisturizes, as well. This special relaxer formulation provides conditioning never before seen in a relaxer system. At the moment of this writing, it costs $7.89 on Amazon.

1. Avlon Fiber Guard Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit

relaxer 1

This is the perfect relaxer, specially for those who have sensitive scalp because you can adjust the strength of the formula. It also soothes and moisturizes dry, sensitive scalp. At the moment of this writing, it is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. Click here to check out consumer reviews on Amazon.

Magnifying Glasses for Macular Degeneration: Top 5

best-magnifying-glasses-for-macular-degenerationLooking for the best magnifying glasses for macular degeneration? Check out these five good products.

5. ULTRA VISION Brand 3.5 Inch Low Vision Magnifier for Macular Degeneration Aids. This product is by Ultra Vision and has earned 3 stars out of 5. It is a pocket-sized novelty with up to 15x zoom. Zoom preferences include 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, and 15x. It is lightweight, portable, and with a freeze frame feature. Apart from zoom options you can also have color and inverse viewing modes to enhance reading. Consider this product your personal vision assistant complete with instant magnification with long working time of up to 3 hours battery life.


4. 2.1x Eschenbach Max TV Glasses Distance Viewing. This product is by Magnifying Aids with 3.7 stars out of 5. It is ideal for a wide range of applications when you need high-magnification lens. It can also be used as a magnification vision aid wit magnification for up to 8x with dioptre 32D. Lens type of the product is aplanatic, with mount high grade white plastic. Lens to image distance is up to 321mm, with an enlargement ration of 9.1x.


3. 3.5X LED Illuminated Hand Held Magnifier. This is another innovation by Magnifying Aids it includes 3.5x magnification with 10 diopters, aspheric lens with a detachable cover, with high-grade plastic mount, LED illumination and lens size of 75x50mm. This product needs 2 AA batteries. This is one of the best products there is, it has garnered a perfect 5 star rating.


2. Classic High Power Magnifying Glass Set. This product is by MG with 6x, 8x, and 10x magnification. It gained 3.9 stars of 5 with 141 customer reviews. This product has a premium-grade set for hobbies, work, reading, and other activities. It has optical-grade lens with precision ground for high clarity and minimal distortion. It also has a set of 3 with progressive stronger magnification from 6x to 8x to 10x. This product is the perfect reading aid that you’ll surely need and love.


1. Mighty Bright Lighted 5 Inch Round Magnifier. This product is by Mighty Bright and has gained 4.4 stars of 5. It has a 5 inch round frame with 2x magnification with 6x insert. It has lighted lens, absolutely perfect for reading small type in low light. Moreover, it is made of quality acrylic lens with sharp distortion. This is the perfect magnifying eyeglass that you’ll surely fall in love with. It is considered as your perfect companion for reading and doing activities without worrying for any blurring or vision difficulties.


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Best 3 Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner


Herstyler Nourishing & Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner with Argan Oil (Set of 4). Click on the image for more images, information, and consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Repair hair damage with these best argan oil shampoo and conditioner. These have vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants that can help replenish lost moisture in hair.

3. Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This product is by Vizeri Beauty. It offers salon quality treatment and has gained a perfect 5 star rating at Amazon. This shampoo assures that it doesn’t contain any parabens, sodium chloride, or sulfates for the matter. It also does not have alcohol that might be harmful to hair. Moreover, it is straightener and color safe – you don’t have to worry about your salon-treated hair or chemical-treated hair. This shampoo works best for extensions and soft curls. It is packed with vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants that can help replenish lost moisture in hair thus relieving signs and symptoms of hair breakage, hair loss, and dull hair. This shampoo promises to repair damage and improve you hair’s overall quality. It works by seeping down through the pores and heals it from roots to tip. To add, it is fortified with miracle Argan oil to keep your hair soft and shiny.


Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Click on the image for more images, information, and consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

2. Phytorelax Olio di Argan Hair Conditioner with Pure Argan Oil. This product is by Phytorelax and had earned 4.9 stars out of 5. It is made in Italy and is specifically indicated for color treated hair. This product aims to restore hair to a silky and smooth condition. It does not have any sort of paraben, silicone, coloring or mineral oils. It contains Argan oil derived from the purest blends of Argan tree found in Morocco. Argan oil is known for its unique ability to repair damaged hair. Moreover, it is infused with vitamins and minerals to help replenish lost moisture. Argan oil is a flexible ingredient that can help hair be at its finest.


Phytorelax Olio di Argan Hair Conditioner With Pure Argan Oil 16.9 Fl. Oz. From Italy by Phytorelax. Click on the image for more images, information, and consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. Herstyler Nourishing and Moisturizing Shampoo. This shampoo earned 5 stars of five and is manufactured by HerStyler. This shampoo is enriched with plant proteins as well as olive oil. It is also enriched with vitamins and minerals as well as Argan oil to help hair achieve it maximum best. It works through penetrating deep into hair follicles and hydrates it from root to tip. You will surely notice tremendous changes in your hair with constant use. Dehydrated hair often leads to brittle hair, breakage, dullness, dry scalp, and many more. However, through the combined power of olive oil and argan oil, you will surely feel the effects with prolonged use. Argan oil as well as olive oil is a promising product to use for damaged hair. Moreover, this product does not have the dreaded sodium lauryl or alcohol that might contribute to hair damage.


Herstyler Nourishing & Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner with Argan Oil (Set of 4). Click on the image for more images, information, and consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

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Best 3 Drugstore Retinol Night Cream


Afirm 3x 0.60 % Retinol-1.05 oz. Click on the image to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

Looking for the best drugstore retinol night cream? Check out these three products that give amazing results.

3. Skinceuticals Retinol 1 Maximum Strength Refining Night Cream. This product is manufactured by Skinceuticals, one of the leading brands for health products. It has reached 4.3 stars out of 5 and 45 diverse customer reviews. This product aims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, as well as age spots, blemishes, and even blotchiness. This is one effective retinol product that is geared to preserve optimal retinol stability. Although retinol use may cause occasional itchiness and erythema but this product has stabilized retinol to lessen the side effects of it. However, this product is also designed to administer maximum retinol strength – of course, without the accompanying side effects. It is also aimed to reduce pore size. It is advised to be used twice a week, for first time users, gradually increasing it to every other night until every evening. Be advised to stay out of the sun, else wear a suitable sunscreen with SPF of at least 30.


Skinceuticals Retinol 1 Maximum Strength Refining Night Cream, 1 Fluid Ounce. Click on the image to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

2. Sublime Beauty Superior Retinol. This product is by Sublime Beauty with 4.4 stars out of 5 in Amazon. It also has 35 customer reviews with competitive and positive feedback. This product works by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, this product maximizes skin rejuvenation and skin renewal to give you a younger and glowing look. This product is paraben-free with high quality formation. It is also infused with high amount of vitamin C to give the skin the needed immunity plus protection against unwanted bacteria. The main ingredients include retinol of 10%, carbomer, vitamin E, vitamin C, glycerine, and water. It is assured by dermatologists to be non-irritating and is safe for use when used accordingly.


Retinol Serum | Skin Support from Sublime Beauty® with Vitamin C. Click on the image to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

1. Afirm 3x 0.60% Retinol. This product, among the rest, is one of the best there is. Produced by Afirm, this product gained 4.4 stars out of 5 with 30 customer reviews. It is one of the most advanced retinol cream there is for tolerant skin. The main ingredients include retinol, glycerine, emulsifying wax, and many more. To apply, simply apply the product to clean face, best time to apply is in the evening. Do not attempt to apply in the morning, since retinol is sensitive to sunlight. Apply sunscreen with high SPF when you do. This product is indicated for normal skin, it has the combined powers of vitamin A, C, and E. It is fragrance free plus it aims to erase dark spots, signs of aging, blemishes, and gives you a youthful, glowing skin.


Afirm 3x 0.60 % Retinol-1.05 oz. Click on the image to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

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Best 3 Deodorant for Eczema Sufferrers

best-deodorant-for-eczema-PrimeStay fresh with these best deodorant, especially formulated for people who have eczema.

3. Weleda Deodorant Wild Rose. This product is by Weleda which has gained 3.9 stars out of 5 with 95 total customer reviews. What keeps this product apart is that it is made of essential oils. The product is an effective, non-aerosol spray that effectively eliminates body odor, bacterial growth that might cause body odor, and replaces it with a soothing and luxurious floral scent. Each spray on your body is guaranteed to give you sweet-smelling scent and freshness to last the day. Weleda is packed with an amazing wild rose scent made by organic rose leaf extract. It also has mild astringent property than can refresh and tone your skin while cleaning impurities. You don’t have to worry about aluminum salts in most antiperspirants because the product is all-natural. This deodorant will also help you improve your body’s detoxification process while keeping bad bacteria at bay.

best-deodorant-for-eczema-sufferrers2. Deodorant Citrus Spray. This item is made by Weleda and has gained 4.4 stars out of 5. It has 7 customer reviews and promises to keep you fresh all day. It has a sweet smelling citrus scent that can help you smell like an awesome citrus fruit. This product is sworn to be organic, with prime protection that is effective, long lasting, and aluminum free. There have been long standing controversies that relate Alzheimer’s disease as well as breast cancer to aluminum use – evident in deodorants. However, organic deodorants to not pose such risks since it mainly use organic ingredients – ones that does not have aluminum.

best-deodorant-for-eczema-sufferrers-citrus1. Prime Protection. This product is one of the best manufactured by Carefree, one of the leading brands in healthcare and hygiene products. It gained a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. It is natural, organic, aluminum-free, with no other harmful ingredients such as paraben, alcohol. This product is one of the most convenient and conventional deodorant there is. It is made of carefully chosen essential oils to effectively kill germs that cause body odor. It is also made with arrowroot, a potent sweat-blocking beeswax, shea butter, an effective moisturizing agent, and baking soda to control sweat and body odor. Prime Protection is made from the combined powers of cera alba or beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot, baking soda, tea tree oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, and peppermint oil – all of which are assured to be 100% organic. This product is also available in a BPA-free container. It has been tested and proven to last for a day.

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Best 3 Makeup for Eczema Sufferers

best-makeup-for-eczema-sufferers-organic-healthy-skinEczema sufferers need makeup that is hypoallergenic and gluten-free. Check out these best makeup products, especially formulated for women who need extra care.

3. CAREN Minerals Pure Earth Mineral Gluten-Free Foundation. This product is favourable for those with eczema because of the hypoallergenic ingredients used. This product earned 4.6 stars out of 5 with 7 supportive customer reviews. Price at Amazon is at an affordable buy at $28. The ingredients for this wonder makeup includes mica, iron oxide, and titanium oxide – all of which is assured to be researched to be skin-friendly to those with eczema. It is hypoallergenic, gluten-free, with no fillers included, no preservative, no oil, no talc or by-products whatsoever. It is made pure with three naturally occurring ingredients plus it is tested and proven by Reduce Toxic Load, a promising as well as leading nutritionist group. The colors include fair, light, medium, medium to tan, and medium dark to dark.


2. Organic Wear Loose Powder. This product is another promising must-have to those with eczema. This amazing powder earned 4.6 stars out of 5 with 22 positive customer reviews. The price is at a whopping $3.95. It is 100% natural origin loose powder. It is certified to be “ecoblend” with OrganiSoy and Eco-Olive. This product is a hypoallergenic one with no animal testing. It is fragrance-free and contains no harmful ingredients or preservatives. The ingredients for this product includes: mica, rice powder, safflower extract, soybean oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, cinnamic acid, grapefruit extract, natural vitamin E, and magnesium stearate. Color shade available is translucent light – best for those with fair skin plus 6 more awesome shades. The product also comes with a Kabuki brush and mirror for application ease.


1. 100% Pure Full Coverage, Satin Finish Health Skin Foundation with Super Fruits. This foundation is the god among any other makeup for those with eczema. It earned 4.5 stars out of 5 plus 13 promising customer reviews. It is available in golden peach with a rich and creamy coverage without the usual irritation brought by usual makeup products. This product, meanwhile, has a cream to matte powder finish to help make your skin velvet smooth. Moreover, it helps conceal blemishes, discolorations, and uneven skin tone. Moreover, this amazing product is enriched with vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants to help rid the skin of eczema and blemishes. It is also fortified with SPF 20 to protect the skin from harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB rays). The product is naturally coloured from fruit and vegetable pigments – most products use synthetic sources, minerals, and even dyes. This product, on the other hand, uses only the best and natural to help keep skin become beautiful. Lastly, this product is certified by SGS Organic and is certified organic by the Oregon Tilth.


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Best 3 Medical Wigs for Black Women

best-medical-wigs-for-black-women-B00863JUE0Look gorgeous with these best medical wigs, especially created for black women like you. These are easy to care for and can last for a long time.

3. Bemaystar Women’s Short Black Bob Hairstyle Wig. This amazing product is made by Beymayster, one of the leading wig manufacturers. It has 3 stars of 5 in Amazon plus two promising reviews by customers. Beymaystar assures that you will be amazed of the quality of their product. It is natural looking which is a good advantage to women aspiring to have naturally looking locks. It is soft to touch and can be comfortably worn to parties and social gatherings. You don’t need to worry about it easily falling down because the wig is designed and crafted to fit comfortably – and accordingly. This wig can be for everyday use, it is easy to wash – simply use a mild shampoo in cold water. The material is easy to care for and can last for a long time. This wig is superbly affordable with a rock bottom price of $10.80.


2. Cool2day Cute Natural Fashion Long Straight Wig Kanekalon Black Full Wigs. This product is by Cool2day, a popular and credible leader in wigs. It gained 4 stars in Amazon with 91 positive customer reviews plus 6 answered questions. It is superbly affordable at the price of $7.08. This wig is a long straight fully black wig, perfect for black women. It is easy to care for – a mild shampoo and cold water. You don’t need to worry about caring for your wig – the wig is made with high quality materials plus an amazing “skin top” so that it would look undeniable real and natural. The material is made from 100% Japanese Kanekalon made fiber. It also comes with an adjustable monofilament net. The length of the hair is 65cm or 25 inches with a well groomed wavy style to it.


1. Maysu Women’s Short Straight Black Wigs Fashion Synthetic Full Wigs. This product is made by Maysu. It has an almost perfect 4.5 stars of 5. It has cap size that fits average head size. The head size for this wig is about 21.3 inches to 22.8 inches in diameter. Getting the perfect head size for you is a brilliant way to prevent slip ups and you’re assured that you don’t have to worry about your wig in case you’d be flipping your hair a lot. This wig has full bangs, with short hair, and made of 100% synthetic Japanese Kanakelon, The front part of the wig is 15cm long while the back part is around 24cm long.  This lovely wig is available at the low price of $19.99.


Best 3 Quantitative Aptitude Book for CAT

Looking for the best quantitative aptitude book for CAT? Check out these three recommended books to help you pass other competitive exams and even job interviews

3. The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CAT by Nishit K Sinha. This book by Nishit K Sinha gained 4 stars out of 5 and one customer review at Amazon. This reviewer is designed to improve readers’ skills in verbal ability and logical reasoning. The review material provides excellent coverage for both logical and verbal skills. It also provides hints, key answers, and explanation stated in the book. The book also aspires to develop the readers’ problem solving skills and other interpretative skills to pass the CAT exam. The book provides many practice tests to hone the readers’ test taking abilities. This book combines review materials for CAT as well as AIMCAT to help students practice their test taking abilities. – with actual solving question pattern like in the real CAT exam.


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2. Quantitative Aptitude by Aggarwal. This book by Aggarwal gaind 4.5 stars out of 5 with two customer reviews at Amazon. This book is a popular one among students about to take their CAT exam. This book will also assist readers to pass other competitive exams and even job interviews. The book is a compilation of practice questions plus a plethora of valuable tips for any student about to take a rigorous assessment of registered exam. The book contains variable topics with two important subjects to tackle: Arithmetic and data interpretation. The book covers a wide selection of mini topics such as HCF/LCM, profit and loss, decimal fractions, distance and time, chain rule, age problems, simple and compound interest, surds and indices, probability, and a lot more. Data interpretation mini topics include line graphs, principles of tabulation, pie charts, bar graphs, and a lot more.


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1. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT and How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT. The two books are by Arun Sharma and have been proven useful for students registered to take their CAT exam. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT garnered 4 stars at Amazon while How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT garnered a perfect 5 star rating. The two books are carefully researched by Arun Sharma both with numerous practice questions to hone every student’s test taking ability. Logical Reasoning contains these vital components – and the book aims to develop such components in the test taker. Logical Reasoning involves Verbal Ability plus Logical Reasoning. Another vital aspect being developed in the book is to improve the test takers problem solving ability.


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Be Smart, Buy Smart: Tips to Avoid Poor Quality Counterfeit Products

Counterfeiting has long been recognized as a serious problem for businesses in all industries. While it’s virtually impossible to ensure that all of the products you buy are the genuine article, a few simple steps can help you reduce your chances of being duped.

Avoid Buying Brand Names at Fairs and Street Festivals

Original brand name product like sportswear and high end sunglasses are almost never ever sold at such events, and when they are, the quality of the goods is usually exceptionally poor. Sunglasses, for example, fall apart within days.

Be Wary of Brand Names Sold at Flea Markets

Another area where poor quality counterfeit products are often sold. One way to spot counterfeit clothing items is to carefully read the labels. More often than not, counterfeit T-shirts have a “standard brand” label, or no label at all. The manufacturer’s tag sometimes doesn’t match up with the image/logo depicted on the clothing, particularly with kid’s items. Paper or cardboard label on clothing should also be closely inspected. Counterfeiters often pay little attention to detail, so blurred colors or mismatched labeling are good indicators of fake merchandise, as are poor quality stitching and inconsistent coloring.

Be Wary of Products that Lack Proper Markings

Most original product and merchandise packaging contain codes from the manufacturer, copyrights and trademarks, as well as bar codes, recycling signs and something holograms. The more knowledge you have of the brand, the easier it will be to recognize if anything is missing.

Be Wary of Products with No Country of Origin Identification

Most luxury designer product are manufactured exclusively in the US, with the majority of the remainder being manufactured in France, Great Britain, Italy and Brazil, among others, whereas the majority of counterfeit product originate from China, Korea, Taiwan and other Asian countries, as well as some in Eastern Europe. Since a “Made in China” tag would set the alarm bells ringing for half educated consumer, such tags are usually removed.

Best 3 Value Sewing Machine for Beginners

best-value-sewing-machine-for-beginnersAre you a beginner and looking for a sewing machine that has the best value for your money? Check out these three sewing machines that have really good quality.

3. Singer 1507WC Easy-to-Use Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Canvas Cover. This amazing product for beginners comes with 4 star ratings out of 5 plus 115 customer reviews and 6 answered questions. The value for this intuitive innovation is $24.99. In includes quick and easy threading, a time saver in its entirety, and an adjustable stitch length and zigzag width allowing you to make customized stitches. This product also has built-in stitches with 1 fully automatic 4 step buttonhole best for creative sewing, fashion crafts, and even for home decoration. It has a four snap presser feet and it comes with a canvas cover to keep your machine clean and safe. This product weighs 17.7 pounds and comes in the following dimensions: 15 X 8 X 12.


2. Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294-Stitch Professional Grade Computerized Sewing Machine with 3 Built-in Lettering Styles, and carrying case. This awesome product is undeniably beginner-friendly. It has gained 4.5 stars of 5 and currently has 227 customer reviews plus 33 answered questions. Brother Project Runway is a professional grade 294 stitch computerized sewing model that procures excellent couture details. It can do 850 stitches per minute plus an easy to use LED display for stitch selection and dual LED for lighting system. This machine is painstakingly easy to use. It has an exceptional fabric feeding system plus presser foot adjustment, one hand treading system, F.A.S.T. bobbin system, and speed control with illuminated start/stop control when used without the foot controller. This amazing product is available at the price of $373.99. Although it might be a bit expensive but the ease of use is exceptional. It comes with a bilingual manual plus a whopping 25 year limited guarantee. To add, it also has a toll-free customer support.


1. Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine with 60 Built-in Stitches, 7 Styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting table and hard cover. This machine achieved 4.5 stars of 5 plus an amazing 2,032 customer reviews and 210 answered questions. Brother is a versatile machine best for sewing and quilting projects. You can select stitches as well as adjust the length and width on the LCD display of the machine. You can also hit the start and stop button for ease of use. You also have a foot control with a speed control to easily adjust your speed settings. It is certified to be jam-resistant with a quick set drop in bobbin to make sewing easy breezy. This machine also has a bilingual manual, a 25 year guarantee, phone support, and it comes at the affordable price of $139.99.


Best 5 Treatments for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

best-treatments-for-puffy-eyes-and-dark-circlesWhat is the best treatment for puffy eyes and dark circles? Dark circles are often hard to treat because of its proximity to the eyes. However, there are a lot of products that can help.

Dark circles or puffy eyes are usually a problem not only to women but to men also. Such condition often results from internal conditions, allergic reactions, and viral infections. For most part, women tend to conceal it with cosmetics and regular concealers. However, when makeup tones off, the dark circles are visible again. Now, what is an effective way to permanently remove dark circles? What are the most common causes of puffy eyes? Here is the best treatment for puffy eyes and dark circles.

5. Dr. Hauschka Eye Cream. This product is powered by avocado oil, rose distillate, pineapple extract, jojoba oil, shea butter, and a lot more to soften dark circles and lighten it up. Hauschka Eye Cream repairs, hydrates, and deeply penetrates into the skin to give it a vibrant refreshed look. To apply, simply obtain a ¼ inch amount of the product and massage it well to the affected part. This product is also known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

best-treatments-for-puffy-eyes-and-dark-circles-Hauschka4. Dermarie Eye Illuminator. This product contains the miracle elements of jojoba, apricot oil, soybean, vitamin K, arnica, and hyaluronic acid to keep puffy eyes and dark circles at bay. Vitamin K is a well-known treatment to dark circles. Arnica and DCX, meanwhile, are known to improve the structure of the skin – reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

best-treatments-for-puffy-eyes-and-dark-circles-Dermarie3. Skin2Spirit. This eye whip is packed with nine antioxidants, namely: acai berry, blueberry, seaweed, mangosteen, pomegranate, green tea, and a lot more that works best for dark circles. It is all natural, organic, lightly scented with a vegan, earth-friendly, organic hint to it.

best-treatments-for-puffy-eyes-and-dark-circles-Skin2Spirit2. Queen Bee. Queen Bee is another all natural and organic product made with 100% natural products that includes olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, vanilla essential oil, and vitamin K. Moreover, this product does not contain any preservatives or synthetics substances. It is 100% approved to be organic and natural. For best results, a twice a day application to affected part is recommended.

best-treatments-for-puffy-eyes-and-dark-circles-Queen1. Naturally Eye Firming Cream. This Mediterranean Sun product is geared to keep wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eyes, and other issues related to aging, at bay. This product smooth out fine lines and wrinkles as well as lighten and tighten skin. It is powered by some of the most expensive aromatherapy oils, namely: spikenard, galbanum, and elemi – all valuable in keeping skin smooth, pampered, and relaxed. This product is also rich in essential fatty acid, apricot kernel oil, cucumber and aloe extract, and extra virgin Mediterranean oil to procure the best results for you. This is the best treatment for puffy eyes and dark circles.


Best 5 Skin Care Products for Black Men

best-skin-care-products-for-black-menWhat are the best skin care products for black men? Men do need beauty products too. Of course, both sexes have the same needs. When it comes to wholesome skin care products, these are the top five.

Skin care products are not only limited to women. Men also need such products to protect skin and make it healthy. When it comes to African American skin care tips, here are the best skin care products for black men.

5. Dermatologica. This product has, first and foremost, an SPF of 30 which will give men the right coverage they need against harmful UV rays. Dermatologica is made by The International Dermal Institute known to be experts in the field of aesthetics and skin care. Dermatologica product is a good moisturizer packed with effective conditioner and brightening substances. It combines the powerful elements such as minerals, peptides, and botanical extracts to even out skin, reduce discolorations and product a soft smooth finish in the skin.

4. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting. Men are also at risk for blemishes and discolorations. This product has a Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion and Exfoliant. This product is keen at easing out breakouts and treats most of the skin’s common conditions such as redness, wrinkles, blackheads, and even aging. The product can also cater to much more complicated conditions such as rosacea, sensitivity, eczema, and much more. It is powered by salicylic acid to produce radiant and even toned skin. It is also a powerful exfoliant.

3. NIA24. This product has 5% Pro Niacin plus a powerful Skin Strengthening Complex to rebuild a strong barrier to protect skin against a harmful external environment. NIA24 is a promising moisturizer that aims to minimize and even eliminate the early signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and even discoloration.

best-skin-care-products-for-black-men-serum2. SkinCeuticals. This product is powered by C E Ferulic and Phloretin CF Gel antioxidants to rid your skin of harmful and unwanted free radicals. This product is specially formulated to protect your skin against harmful skin damage while stimulating the production of collagen to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free.

1. Clarisonic Pro Professional. This product is a 4-Speed Skin Care System that works best for cleansing and shaving. This electronic device comes with a skin care brush, a charging cradle, a normal brush head, as well as facial cleansers to extensively clean your face from unwanted materials. It is also designed to minimize large pores while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This is, so far, one of the best skin care products for black men.

Best 3 Video Editing Software for Wedding

Looking for the best video editing software for wedding? Check out these three software that have good quality.

3. Digital Hotcake Wedding Essentials. This product garnered 4 stars of 5. Although this software is not popular yet, but this has been one of the few software available that specifically specializes in weddings. Platform for this software includes Windows NT, Vista, 2000, 95, XP, 98, and MAC OS X. Available from the price of $79 and up, this software includes professional quality, compatibility with all video editing software, movie files available in AVI and Quicktime, and overlays with chroma-key green as well as alpha channel. The product also includes wedding video intro and outro sets, awesome transitions, amazing overlays, as well as looping wedding backgrounds best for any wedding video. This product is available in DVD-ROM.

2. Movavi Video Editor 8 Personal Edition. Although it may not specifically for weddings but this product also have its perks. It gained 4 out of 5 starts with 19 customer reviews plus 5 answered questions. Available at the low price of $39.99, you get yourself your very own video editor at home for all types of video editing. It contains an output to multiple media such as DVD, camera, TV-tuner, web cam, camcorder, even VHS, with export straight to your DVD. Plus, it has its very own built in burner. It has multiple input and output formats best suited for video, image files, and audio. Moreover, it also has filters such as picture-in-picture, noise removal, chroma key, crop and many more. You also get your very own preview window – wherein you can refine your work more and save time rather than converting and saving before editing it again. You can easily export your work to iTunes, PSP, Facebook, and even Youtube. Your platform must be in Windows Vista/ 7/ 8/ XP. Media is in the form of software download.


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1. Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite. This product garnered 4 out of 5 stars in Amazon with an astonishing 215 customer reviews and 39 answered questions. Although this may be a bit expensive – at the price of $75.86 – but it is worth every penny. You can edit and produce movies with awesome movie special effects plus transitions. You get the liberty to create DVDs – and even Blu-Ray disc media – with graphics and custom menus. This software is user-friendly so it doesn’t take you a lot of time learning it. The product also employs a powerful Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 and you can easily share movies on Youtube, iPod, iPhone, online, and even on Pixel Cast. As mentioned, this software is user-friendly complete with Show Me How plus learn as you go tutorials.


Best 3 USB Microphone for Recording Guitar

Looking for the best USB microphone for recording guitar? Check out these three products that have good quality.

3. Samson Go Mic Compact USB Microphone – Plug n’ Play. This amazing product got 4.5 stars at Amazon with 276 customer reviews plus 37 answered questions. Samson Go is a portable USB condenser microphone and is Plug and Play MAC and PC compatible. Plus, no drivers required. It has a compact customized design that easily attaches to a laptop or simply sits on a desk. It is undeniably the perfect ensemble to a perfect recording. You surely don’t want to miss out on your recording since it is perfect for it, plus for podcasting and field recording. It has a built in voice recognition feature software, together with iChat, VoIP and web casting. This compact device is available for the affordable price of $39.99.

best-usb-microphone-for-recording-guitar2. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone. This lightweight microphone achieved a 4.5 star rating out of 5. It has 284 customer reviews plus 19 answered questions. It has a side address studio condenser with USB digital output compatible with Windows and MAC. It has a crystal-clear, natural sound best suited for podcasting, field recording, home studio recording, and even voice over use. This custom-engineered work of art has a low-mass diaphragm that gives out superior transient response plus extended frequency response. It is also equipped with a cardioid polar pattern that reduces pickup from external sounds, from the sides and rear – overall furnishing the desired sole sound source. This low self-noise product is superbly perfect for professional, sophisticate digital recording. Although expensive at the price of $103.20, you get all the works for this extremely amazing product.

best-usb-microphone-for-recording-guitar-audio1. Blue Microphone Snowball USB Microphone. This USB microphone garnered 4.5 stars out of 5 with a whopping 780 customer reviews and 41 answered questions at Amazon. Snowball is available in a variety of colors that suit your personality. It is available in texture white, pink, brushed aluminum, electric blue, and many more. Snowball has a superb USB output that provides direct integration with your PC or laptop, allowing CD quality recording. It has a dual capsule design that allows cardioid elements plus omni directional recording. It has a 10 dB pad switch to provide utmost clarity without noise or any kind of distortion when signals are at extreme volume levels. This product also comes with a desktop stand plus a USB cable for ease of use. This product is rather affordable, compared to its other counterparts. It is available at the low price of $69.99.


Best 5 Clinical Deodorant for Women


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What is the best clinical deodorant for women? There could nothing be important than wearing a deodorant and smelling good throughout the day. Body odor is normal. However, you can always do something about it.

Wearing a deodorant is an important daily regimen. Moreover, it is painstakingly normal for the body to produce odor. There’s no person in the world without body odor. However, there’s always a thing called hygiene to palliate the scent of human nature. With regular hygiene, bathing, wearing a deodorant, perfume, cologne, and such, you’re bound to be odourless and sweet smelling. Women with body odor is a, rather, sensitive topic. Men, as well as women, don’t want to see or smell women having offensive BO. When it comes to good deodorant for women, here are the top picks as well as the best clinical deodorant for women.

5. Mitchum. This inexpensive product is one of the best buys for women. It is powered by odor-control properties as well as anti-perspiration agents aimed to giving you an all-day protection. Perspiration, as well as odor, are sometimes triggered by temperature, climate, stress, activity, or simply change in emotions.

4. Suave. This product offers clinical protection with a PROSolid property and works both as a deodorant and an antiperspirant. A user-savvy Suave product is the passion fruit and vanilla scented deodorant that calms down wetness, cancels out odor, and produce an irresistible sweet smelling scent.

3. Dove. A leader in skin moisturizing and nourishment, Dove introduces another plus to deodorants. Dove Advanced Beauty Clear is the deodorant to go with properties that calm down sweat, oil, odor, while giving off a sweet smelling scent. Most people recommend bathing at least once a day – with a good cleansing soap and hygiene products as well.

2. Burt Bees. When it comes to herbal and organic, Burt Bees is the product for you. It is a natural and organic deodorant with the combined powers of lemon, sage, and amazing lavender oils. It calms down sweat the natural way – without synthetic chemicals that may affect the skin’s normal flora.

1. Secret. Of course, the power of Secret is no secret at all. It has a prescription-strength wetness protection as well as a thick and creamy conditioner to keep skin moisturized and hydrated. Equipped with odor absorbing capsules, Secret provides 24 hour protection no matter what your activity for the day is. To top it off, this product is awarded as the number one antiperspirant and deodorant in most Asian beauty magazines. This product, so far, is the best clinical deodorant for women.


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Best 3 Products to Lighten Skin Tone

best-products-to-lighten-skin-toneSearching for the best product to lighten your skin tone? Check out these three products that have top quality:

3. Illuminatural 6i. Illuminatural garnered an almost perfect score of 4.5 stars out of 5. It described to be very good in terms of effectiveness, very good in support, excellent in reputation, and very good in terms of ease of refund. Illuminatural only use high quality ingredients to procure an effective whitening regimen. It has a 90 day guarantee and is available at the very low price of $39.99 to $69.95. Illuminatural comes in a form of serum and is proven to lighten the skin with prolonged use. This amazing product uses six active ingredients that aims to block the production of melanin. Of course, apart from other harmful whitening products, Illuminatural is proven to be safe and effective. The ingredients are also aimed to slough off pigmented cells thus giving you new and radiant cells. Imagine a whiter you in a guaranteed 90 days of prolonged use. This product is best applied on dark areas such as elbows, knees, and other pigmented areas. Illuminatural also works for chloasma, liver spots, scars, freckles, and even birthmarks.

2. Senvie. Senvie garnered a perfect 5 of 5 stars in a recent online poll. Senvie is describe to be the guru in whitening products. It is also said to be excellent when it comes to effectiveness with very high quality ingredients that ensures skin whitening with prolonged usage. Users rated customer service to be excellent and ease of refund is also considered to be very good. It is available for the low price of $54.95 and guarantee is up to 67 days. Senvie uses Lux Intensive, an intensive whitening and moisturizing serum that helps lighten pigmentations, skin tone problems, and even acne. It has superb ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, CoQ10, green tea extract, gotu kola, hyaluronic acid, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and gluconolactone. The powerful ingredients are adequately researched to provide immediate results while being safe for all types of skin. Lux Intensive, on the other hand, is an all-organic serum.

1. Meladerm. Meladerm is undeniable the number one anti-scar regimen in the whole world. It has garnered a whopping 5 stars with over 50 customer reviews on Amazon. It is proven to be effective against scars, liver spots, freckles, sun spots, melasma, acne marks, and other pigmentations. It is also effective in improving overall skin tone and dark areas such as knees, elbows, and other uneven areas. Meladerm is surely the skin whitening cream to have when it comes to lightening products.


Best 3 Over the Counter Cream for Acne Scars


Kinerase Scar Healing Therapy.
Best Seller at Amazon.
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Searching for the best over-the-counter cream for acne scars? Check out these top-rated three products:

3. Dermefface Fx7. Dermefface garnered a score of 80.6% overall rating in a recent acne survey in the Internet. It got 4 stars over 5. It is described to be fast, with good quality ingredients, safe to use, risk-free, with an 80.6% satisfactory customer service score, and 79.3% success rate. Available for the low price of $33.33 to $59.95, this product will help you erase all types of scars from acne, surgery, accidents to chickenpox. This over the counter skin removal cream will also help you ease out hard-to-erase hypertrophic scars. Dermefface works by helping your skin produce a reputable amount of collagen to help repair damaged skin cells – and healing scars in the process. Expect superb scar removal in a span of one month. This product promises renewed blemish-free skin.

2. Selevax by Senvie. Selevax garnered an almost perfect score of 98.2% overall rating in a recent online survey. It has also gained 5 stars out of 5. It is described to be one of the fastest scar erasing cream there is. The ingredients used are superior and safe to use. When it comes to customer service, it got another almost perfect score of 98.4%. It is risk free with an overall success rate of 98.3%. Selevax offers interesting packages that every consumer will love. A 3 month supply of the product can be available for the low price of $35 per month.

1. Kinerase Scar Healing Therapy. This product garnered 4.5 stars out of 5 with 6 prominent and positive reviews at Amazon. Available at the low price of $41.39, this product ensures 100% scar healing plus scar and stretch mark reducers. It is clinically proven to be effective, with a concentrated, non-greasy silicone gel that targets to improve the overall condition of a scar. It can be used for scars and clearance. It is paraben-free, without any harmful ingredient to the skin. Expect fairer and flawless skin in a month or so with prolonged use with this number one anti-scar treatment cream. Other available products from Kinerase includes Kinerase gentle daily cleanser and N6-furfuryladenine advanced lotion. Kinerase Scar Healing Therapy is the best anti-scar treatment there is to eradicate all types of scars to give you the flawless skin you’ve always longed for. It uses superb, fast-acting, and concentrated ingredients to ensure you get the proper coverage and scar-erasing treatment that you need.


Kinerase Scar Healing Therapy.
Best Seller at Amazon.
Click on the image to check out consumers reviews at Amazon.

Best Rechargeable Batteries for Flash Digital Photography: Top 3

Searching for the best rechargeable batteries for flash digital photography? Check out these top-rated three products:

3. Precision Design 2900mAh AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries. This product is by Precision Design, one of the leaders in the rechargeable battery industry. Precision design rechargeable batteries are specifically indicated for digital cameras, speedlight flash, photo electronics, and battery grip. This product, so far, has 10 customer reviews in Amazon and includes a respectable number of star ratings. This product includes four ultra-high and extensive capacity nickel metal hydride NiMH batteries. One amazing feature about this product is that it can be charged for about 1000 times. It is also memory-free, which means you don’t have to run batteries prior charging. These batteries are completely compatible with digital cameras that allow AA batteries. Such digital cameras include Canon Powershot, Sony Cybershot, Casio Elixim, Kodak EasyShare, Nikon Coolpix, Panasonic Lumix, Samsung Digimax, Fuji Finepix, Pentax Optio, and Olympus SP Series. This product is available at an affordable price of $7.95


3. Precision Design 2900mAh AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries.
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews in Amazon.

2. Sanyo 2,700mAh AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries. This amazing product has had a whopping 110 reviews on Amazon and earned high star ratings from its reviewers. This product costs $24.95 and includes 4 pack of 2,700 mAh AA NiMH rechargeable batteries. This product has been known to last longer – around 4 times longer – than the average AA disposable alkalines. This product is also memory-free, which means it can be charged for around 1,000 times. There is no memory effect even if it has been charged for a couple of times. This product is ideal for digicams, DVD players, and is compatible even with high-drain devices.


2. Sanyo 2,700mAh AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries.
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews in Amazon.

1. Sanyo Eneloop AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries. This awesome pack of rechargeable batteries is available for the low price of $22.99. It has gained 442 customer reviews on Amazon and a reputable number of star ratings. This product contains a compact charging kit with 4 rechargeable batteries of 2,700 mAh AA for digicams and remotes. This product is pre-charged, which means it can be used right after opening the package. It is also said to preserve charge for long periods of time. When it comes to self-discharge rate, it is extremely low with 85% capacity after one year of storage. This product is also protected with an over-voltage system. It also comes with a foldable AC plug for ease of use and travelling purposes. It is also memory-free, which can be charged for more than 1,000 times without the burden of memory effect. This product, so far, has gained popularity as well as reputation in the online world. It has been given due credit from its users and has earned numerous positive feedback from the online community.


1. Sanyo Eneloop AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries.
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews in Amazon.

Best 3 Alarm Clock You Have to Stand on to Turn Off

Change your morning habits with an alarm clock you have to stand on to turn off! If you are tired of scurrying to work or school because you are having a hard time getting out of bed, then here are some perfectly creative alarm clocks you have to stand on to turn off. What is great about these products is that they are available in Amazon for purchase:

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels. If you are tired on of conventional alarm clocks not waking you up in the morning then this certainly would. Clocky is an alarm clock that automatically rolls away from your bed side as soon as the alarm sets off. It will run around your room until you get up and turn it off. Not only does it get you out of bed, but it is also pretty loud for a common alarm clock. Clocky has a drop capacity of 3 feet, even if you put it in your bedside table, it doesn’t sustain damage from the fall.


Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels.
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews in Amazon.

Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock with MP3. While it can cost you $55, this alarm clock has the same concept as clocky except it doesn’t have wheels but jumps from your bedside table and randomly rolling around your room until you press snooze or turn it off completely. It also has a USB cable which you can play songs and even customize your alarm (Justin Bieber as an alarm tune, anyone?). It will certainly make you want to get up and turn it off. You also have the option to disable the snooze button for maximum effectiveness.


Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock with MP3.
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews in Amazon.

Timex T156B Wake-up Shake and Wake Alarm Clock. To top our list, we have the cheapest and wackiest alarm clock you have to stand on to turn it off. Not only does this alarm clock effective against falling from your bedside, it is also loud when it goes off. What makes it unique are the wacky phrases you wake up to that will certainly laugh you right out of bed. It also vibrates which adds to its effectiveness against heavy sleepers and snoozers. For $17, you can have this alarm clock at


Timex T156B Wake-up Shake and Wake Alarm Clock.
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews in Amazon.

If not one of these alarm clocks will wake you up, purchase two! These creative alarm clock you have to stand on to turn off certainly does the trick for snooze abusers.

Best Oil Mattifier for Very Oily Skin: Top 3

Looking for the best oil mattifier for very oily skin? Here are the top-rated products that really have good quality.

3. Murad Oil-Control Mattifier. Third spot is Murad with SPF 15 to help protect the skin against harmful UV rays. This product provides long hours of protection and coverage. To add to the wondrous effects of Murad, it has anti-acne properties to help get rid of zits and keeps it at bay. If you have oily skin, this product will help tone down your pores’ production of oil without drying it. Moreover, your skin will glow without the oily feel. Murad is lightweight, easy-to-absorb, hydrating, moisturizing, cleansing and is overall gentle for the skin. This product is available in Amazon as well as at Sephora for an affordable price of $39.50.


3. Murad Oil-Control Mattifier.
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Rimmel promises to treat its users like royalty thus come this amazing innovation in cosmetics. Rimmel gives you the right mattifying coverage with its Stay Matte pressed powder. This product comes with a Kabuki brush to help you distribute the glorious coverage for your skin. You are promised longer hours of protection from oil. This pressed powder comes in three shades, namely: sand, silky, and translucent. This amazing product only costs $4. It is available at Amazon and at Walmart.


2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder.
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. Mary Kay Oil Mattifier. Mary Kay does it again with her amazing oil-mattifying product that swears to give you perfect coverage that lasts for the day. This product aims to absorb oil and help control unwanted shine. However, the product also intends to give you a lustrous shimmer in the right places. With Mary Kay Oil Mattifier, you’re given a maximum of 8 hours protection against unwanted oil and shine. This product is lightweight and does not interfere with makeup so it is easy for you to reapply again and again throughout the day. This amazing product is available at Amazon for a low price of $7.99 for a 6 ounce tube. Give you skin the proper coverage it needs with this oil mattifier. Every gal wants to get rid of unwanted oil for some time. Oily skin is inevitable. Extreme heat, sweat, stress, hormonal changes, a naturally oily skin can cause oil exacerbation. Toners, solutions, creams could not completely do the job thus you need some quick rescue from a product known as an oil mattifier. Mary Kay’s mattifier is the perfect product for you to get that flawless, oil-free, perfectly polished skin that you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Mary Kay Oil Mattifier
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Best 3 At-Home Chemical Peels for Acne Scars

At-home chemical peels will improve the appearance of acne scars if used correctly. It is also important to choose the best product.


1. Trichloro Acetic Acid
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Are you at wits end at what to do to eliminate the unattractive acne scars on your face? Well, if all the methods you have tried in past proved futile, you should definitely consider getting a chemical peel. Will chemical peels cure acne and scars? No, but consistent use will help improve the marks and prevent future acne breakouts. If you are ready to transform the look of your face, here are the best three at-home chemical peels for acne scars:

3. Salicylic Acid Skin Peel

This product is rated among the best chemical skin peels for getting rid of acne scars. It works by loosening and removing old cells, debris and oil attached to the surface of the skin. Salicylic Acid Skin Peel is also ideal for removing acne, blackheads, white heads and for unclogging pores.


3. Salicylic Acid Skin Peel
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

2. Skin Obsession

Skin Obsession is another great product designed to reduce acne scars. Its primary ingredient is glycolic acid. Not only will Skin Obsession provide you with a more beautiful complexion, it also increases the production rate of cells, which reduces the outbreak of acne. This product is safe to use even if you are not a professional, and provides clear instructions on how to do a chemical peel at home.


2. Skin Obsession
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. Trichloro Acetic Acid

Trichloro Acetic Acid (TCA) is one of the most effective solutions for acne scars. This compound features 4 levels of potency and this is the most potent of them all. TCA works hard to erase even the deepest of acne scars. Due to the potency of TCA, it is recommended that you dilute it, if you are using it for the first time. With consistent weekly treatments you will experience cumulative benefits and optimal results.


#1. 1. Trichloro Acetic Acid
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Getting rid of acne scars using chemical peels at home has never been easier. You can enjoy the benefits of using chemical peels for acne scars with the products listed above. Beautiful skin is only a few chemical peels away..

Best 5 Hair Growing Products for Black Women

Hair loss is no stranger to women. The International Society of Hair Restoration reports that nearly 30 million women in the U.S. are losing their hair (yikes!), and it’s an epidemic among African American women in particular. Dermatologists report that they are seeing more and more black women — of all ages — complaining of hair loss.

Using high-quality, effective hair growing products is one of the good steps you can do to treat and prevent hair loss. We watched a lot of video reviews and read hundreds of personal blog posts to find out what hair growing products are seem to be effective, and here’s our top five based on our research:

5. PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

This amazing, organic shampoo is clinically proven to prevent hair loss due to breakage. It is made in the U.S.A and very hypoallergenic because it contains certified organic ingredients and doesn’t have harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates. This invigorating blend of organic extracts and essential nutrients fortify, reduce damage and promote cell growth. Moreover, the stimulating blend of niacin, biotin, argan oil, antioxidants and other natural ingredients detoxify the scalp and encourage healthy hair, strength and resiliency. Click here for more product details, updated price, possible discounts, customer images, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

4. Hair Growth Lemongrass-Rosemary Lab Formulated Botanical Hair Recovery System

This high-quality scalp treatment for hair loss is 100% organic. It has rosemary essential oil that stimulates cell division and dilates blood vessels and, in turn, stimulates hair follicles into producing new hair growth. This vitamin-enriched hair loss product can be used by both men and women. You can see results in just 30 days of continued usage. Click here for more product details, updated price, possible discounts, customer images, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

3. Hair Lush Serum

This highly-effective hair growth serum has caffeine that instantly thickens hair and reactivates hair follicles. It also adds fullness and body to thinning hair. Dermatologists highly recommended this to African-American men and women who suffer hair thinning and hair loss. Within just 15 days of continued usage, you would tell to yourself that this product is magical. Click here for more product details, updated price, possible discounts, customer images, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Hair Solace Conditioner

This first class conditioner eaves hair silky soft without weighting it down. It is specially formulated for people who suffer hair loss and hair thinning. Like Hair Lush serum, it also has caffeine that revitalizes the scalp while enhancing proper follicular function. It is made in the U.S.A. and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. Click here for more product details, updated price, possible discounts, customer images, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

HairAnew is formulated for women and men who want healthy hair, nourished skin and stronger nails. In each capsule there are 11 uniquely formulated ingredients, a combination of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements, designed to nourish your hair follicles from the inside out and provide you with the healthiest hair possible. This super effective supplement is vegan, gluten-free and never tested on animals. Click here for more product details, updated price, possible discounts, customer images, and consumer reviews on Amazon.

Best 5 Shaving Razor for Black Men

If you are a black man and looking for the best shaving razor, you are on the right page.


Panasonic Multiflex. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Razors would be one of the most important necessities a man can have. Moreover, unless you want to look like an unshaven one, you need the best razors.

First and foremost, clean and shaven are one of the standards when it comes to looking good and presentable. Moreover, one of the most important reminders for job seekers is to look as clean as possible when turning in for a job interview. What’s so important about being clean shaven? Unless you want to look like the biblical Moses in the olden times, you need to trim it – or better yet, shave it. Now, when it comes to black men, how tough are the hair strands? What is the best way for black men to shave? Check out these best five shaving razor for black men.

5. Gillette Fusion. Nowadays, Gillette is now becoming a well-accepted noun and verb in the dictionary than a proper noun by itself. The Fusion line by Gillette is one of the best-buys so far. It contains a disposable cartridge of razors. However, it doesn’t stop there. The line has three types: Fusion Power with an awesome vibrating handle powered by battery, Fusion Prolidge with micro comb property to reduce tension while shaving, and the manual old-school Fusion razor.


5. Gillette Fusion. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

4. Merkur 180. Shaving is one of the daily regimens of men that require skill and careful handling. Thus, the razor must be well-fitted and shaped into a fashion that increases functionality. This razor has a long handle to give ease to those with huge hands. It also has disposable cartridge razors that’ll give you ease and comfort while shaving.


4. Merkur 180
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

3. Edwin Jagger. When it comes to fine safety razors, this is the razor for you. Shaving requires hand dexterity, and along the process of mastering the art of shaving, you get cuts, nicks, and even extensive shaving wounds. However, for a smooth and safe shave, this product has a solid shape designed to make shaving a safe, smooth, and enjoyable regimen for you.


3. Edwin Jagger
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

2. Gillette Turbo. Turbo it up with Gillette’s Mach 3 razor. It is a sensitive model that vibrates for ease of use. Moreover, it has three individual blades to give you a super close and clean shave.


2. Gillette Turbo
Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. Panasonic Multiflex. This shaving partner is king among any other razors in the planet. It has 30 degree nano blades to give you a super close shave with a linear motor drive and a multiflex head to pivot your way into hard-to-reach areas. It is the ideal shaver that requires minimal touch ups within the day. This is, so far, the best shaving razor for black men.


1. Panasonic Multiflex. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Best 5 Vitamin K Cream for Dark Circles


Image Credit: Commons.Wikimedia.Org

What is the best vitamin K cream for dark circles? Vitamin K works best for dark circles and puffy eyes. However, with the deluge of products in the market, which ones are worth buying?

Dark circles under your eyes are usually a menace. Moreover, it’s hard to purchase concealers every now and then just to conceal and hide those unwanted pigmentation. Purchasing a concealer solely for dark circles is impractical and time consuming. The best way to combat such unwanted feature in your face is to buy a solution for it – vitamin K cream for the most. On the other hand, does vitamin K cream work for dark circles? Here’s the best vitamin K cream for dark circles.

5. Revision Serum. This product is powered by phytadione that works well in erasing out dark circles as well as visible capillaries on face. Vitamin K cream or serum is also effective in easing out visible veins, capillaries, and other pigmentation on the face. Revision serum is an oil-free serum that works ideally for all skin types.


5. Revision Serum. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

4. Naturopathica. This brightening eye serum is a nutrient rich cream with the combined strength of mica, silica, and vitamin K to improve overall skin condition. It also has the relaxing features of chamomile to give you the refreshing and relaxing calm you need in easing out dark circles and puffy eyes. It also has grapeseed extracts, rosehip oil, gingko biloba, conflower extract, grapefruit extract, and many more.


4. Naturopathica. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

3. Organic Skin Care. This night cream is infused with phytonutrients, flower and seed botanicals, vitamins, and vitamin K to remove unwanted pigmentations and dark circles. Vitamin K is a capillary strengthening serum that nourishes the skin from the inside out. This product, meanwhile, has the combined oils of borage, evening primrose, rosehip, jojoba, and many more to procure a relaxing eye cream.


3. Organic Skin Care. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

2. Reviva. This vitamin K cream is a popular cream that is known to ease out dark circles as well as pigmentations in the skin. Powered by intense nourishing chemicals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and powerful relaxing oils, this product is one of the best.


2. Reviva. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. Home Healthy Eye Cream. This cream has Goji Berry and organic arnica that will absolutely rejuvenate the skin and ease out dark circles. It has the power of glycerine, arnica, goji berry, rosa canina seed extract, oat extract, chamomile, panthenol, and many more – all geared to give you firmer skin without pigmentations and dark circles under the eyes. This is the best vitamin K cream for dark circles.


1. Home Healthy Eye Cream. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Best 5 Products for Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles can also be a result of skin dehydration. Here are the best products to fight the early signs of skin aging.

best-products-forehead-wrinklesA wrinkle on your skin is one of the early signs of skin aging. So when you see that dreaded wrinkle – seek aesthetic help immediately.

In time, your skin loses collagen – an integral substance that helps with maintaining the skin’s elasticity. There are many ways, apart from aging, wherein the body can lose the needed collagen. If you expose your skin to too much sun, or to too much pollution, if you don’t eat a proper diet, if you don’t drink enough fluids, there’s greater chance for wrinkles to appear.

Here are the best products for forehead wrinkles:

best-products-forehead-wrinkles-amino-acids5. Amino Acids. Amino acids have the combined formula of valine, tryptophan, keratin, and tetrapeptide which can help stimulate the production of collagen and bring back life to dull skin cells. Moreover, wrinkles can be a result of skin dehydration. Amino acids help lock moisture in to prevent further fluid loss – and remove wrinkles in the process.

4. Vitamin C. Vitamin C does not only stimulate the production of collagen, it also helps in exfoliation. Sometimes, wrinkles are a product of dulled skin cells or too much exposure to sunlight in a condition known as photo aging. When this happens, wrinkles occur in the most exposed part of your face to sunlight – your forehead. Vitamin C helps by removing dead skin cells and replacing it with new flawless white skin cells underneath the old skin.

best-products-forehead-wrinkles-retinol3. Retinol. Retinol is one of the most effective products there is for wrinkles. Using the power of vitamin A, retinol can cause peeling, exfoliation, heightened cellular turnover, and protection for the skin. Although costly and may sometime require a few months before optimal results, retinol is one of the most effective products there is. Tretinoin is one of the most effective products of retinol.

2. Alpha Hydroxy Acid. When it comes to anti-aging products, this is one of the most efficient. AHA can help lessen the signs of skin aging, improve collagen formation, ease out skin roughness, and balance any pigmentation in the face.

1. Neuropeptide. Neuropeptide is king when it comes to easing out wrinkles as well as the signs of skin aging. One of the most perfect example of neuropeptide is Perricone MD Deep Wrinkle Serum which has the combined powers of neuropeptides, glycerine, glycolic acid, tetrapeptide, and many more to remove the ugly site of wrinkles on your face. This five-minute miracle worker works best when used twice daily. This is the best product for forehead wrinkles.


1. Neuropeptide. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Best 5 Lipstick for Thin Lips

People who have thin lips need extra boost in getting noticeable pucker-perfect pair of lips. Check out these best lipstick.

best-lipstick-thin-lipsIf you don’t have that full Angelina Jolie pair of lips, don’t fret. Some women may go drastic and have their lips injected with silicone to pump it up a bit. However, if you’re the petite type, here are the top five lipsticks that will surely fit you. You don’t have to undergo any surgical intervention or procedure to get the full blossoming lips that you need. When it comes to tips in choosing the perfect lipstick for thin lips, here are the top five as well as the best lipstick for thin lips.

5. Sephora Lip Last. When it comes to choosing the perfect color for thin lips, you need to know what colors to choose and what to avoid. If you have extremely thin lips, never go for daring colors like dark red, dark purple, or brown. On the other hand, settle for light colors such as peach, pink, pale red and even light beige.


5. Sephora Lip Last. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

4. Urban Decay. The name might be disturbing but Urban Decay’s in Midnight Cowboy is the perfect product for you if you have thin lips. To create an illusion of full lips, use a lip pencil to draw the outline of your lips. Remember, don’t adhere to the outline of your lips – line it just outside the outline.


4. Urban Decay. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

3. Yves Saint Lauren. Yves Saint Lauren in Shimmering Pink is the best for thin lips. Another way to pump up thin lips is to apply shimmering gloss on top of the base color. Gloss creates an illusion of fuller lips and it shines from whatever angle you’re in – giving you perfect shimmering full lips.


3. Yves Saint Lauren. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

2. Lorac Performance Lipstick. This product in It Girl Coral gives you the perfect color for your thin lips. Beige and nude is perfect for thin lips – this way you don’t have to worry about pumping it up because it is inevitably hidden from scrutiny. Your beige color must be a few notches darker than your.


2. Lorac Performance Lipstick. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. CoverGirl Continous Color Lipstick. This lipstick, in mauve color, breaks all the rules when it comes to pumping up thin lips. This lipstick allows you to experiment with your lips – with the use of makeup magic to control the fullness and even width of your lips. Moreover, this lipstick is powered up with vitamin A and E to nourish your lips. This, by far, is the best lipstick for thin lips.


1. CoverGirl Continous Color Lipstick. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Best 5 Books for Young Black Women

What are the best books for young black women? Books are not merely for the bookish alone. In fact, reading books can contribute to daily life too.

best-books-young-black-womenYoung women, nowadays, are not the women that used to be 10 or 20 years ago. Before, novels and romance stories are the best buys for women. Now, for as young as 20, women are empowered and have become young leaders in their own respective fields. When it comes to recommended books for young black women, here are the top five:

5. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Written by Dr. Joseph Murphy, this book will help young women drive good energy into their subconscious thus changing how things work for them in their real and conscious world. This book combines spiritual wisdom and research to explain the concepts that lie behind the subconscious mind.


5. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

4. The Power of Being a Real Woman. This Jennifer Keitt book is perfect for any woman of all races. It is an empowering, encouraging, and motivating book that aims to give the perfect motivation in being a woman. The book will allow its readers to know their real self, make lasting relationships, and know the “Sheeba Dating Principle”.


4. The Power of Being a Real Woman. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

3. Hope on a Tightrope. This book is written by Cornel West, a New York Times best-selling author. Cornel West has also written other best sellers such as Race Matters and Democracy Matters addressing certain delicate issues. Hope on a Tightrope, meanwhile, includes quotations, speech experts, photographs, and philosophy which will undeniably satisfy readers.


3. Hope on a Tightrope. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

2. Think and Grow Rich. This Napoleon Hill classic includes the authors own experiences in learning the best lessons from the world’s richest persons which includes Jesse Jackson, Dr. Selma Burke, Oprah Winfrey, and many more.


2. Think and Grow Rich. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women. This engaging book by Elain Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, Rhonda Mclean, and Angela Burt-Murray is an all-time must have of every black woman. This book is an engaging “mentor in your pocket” to help you sort through things in life, make the appropriate decisions, acquire the perks of true leadership, and earn confidence, and courage to become a better you. This little book will help you win in life and take you to the top. This is the one of the best books for young black women.


1. The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Best 5 Red Lipstick for Asians

This post shares the top-rated five red lipstick that have good quality; a must-try for any Asian woman.

red-lipstick-asian-womenCaucasians are different from Asians – and the same lipstick won’t work for both worlds. What makes an Asian different from a Caucasian, Latin, or Black is, first and foremost, skin color. Caucasians have a reddish-white color to their skin, Latins have a brownish semi-Asian color, while black is dark skinned – best for light coloured lipstick. Other distinguishing characteristics are facial features, hair color, size of lips, and many more. When it comes to tips on how to choose the perfect red lipstick for Asian women, here are the best red lipstick for Asians as well as the contending four.

5. MAC Viva Glam. Blue undertones work well for Asians – this emphasizes the lips against the pale, yellow Asian skin. This product has an intense brownish blue-red color that transforms a laid back look into a dazzling rocker look. Pair this nice lipstick with a prominent eyeliner and mascara – cat eyes work best to create a sophisticated, truly-Asian look.


5. MAC Viva Glam. Click on the image above to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

4. NYX. This product in “Snow White” is definitely a must-try for any Asian woman. This product is in True Red that works best to procure that “Snow White” look. This lipstick works best with white foundation and the usual jet-black Asian hair.


4. NYX. Click on the image above to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

3. Revlon. This product is in “Really Red” that comes in a truly traditional Hollywood Red that can be flexible for Asians and Caucasians alike. It comes in a light-red color – light enough to accentuate a pale-looking skin.


3. Revlon. Click on the image above to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

2. Makeup Geek. This product in “Elegant” comes in a cherry, deep rosey red that works for fair-skinned women – preferably Asians. This is a pinkish, soft lipstick that’s light enough to work for daylight. This lipstick works best with light makeup and a comfortable laid-down hair.

1. Lime Crime. This “True Red – Retrofuturist” lipstick has a very opaque look with a creamy formula that definitely lasts long on your lips. It also has low-sheen finish and a clear gloss to top it off. This “almost-fuchsia” color is best for Asians to create a contrast against pale-yellow skin. Apart from the aesthetic side, this product is infused with hydrating factors plus moisturizers to lock in moisture within the skin. This product also comes in a nicely adorned tube with holographic effects, resembling the holographic abilities that this lipstick can offer. Among the four, this is the best red lipstick for Asians.


1. Lime Crime. Click on the image above to check out consumers reviews on Amazon.

Wrinkles Under and Around Eyes? Cover Them with The Best Primer

Need a perfect coverage to hide wrinkles under and around your eyes? Check out these best primer that have really good quality.

best-primer-wrinkles-under-around-eyesWhen it comes to coverage, you need it most under your eyes – to conceal dark circles as well as wrinkles and fine lines.

What is the best under eye primer for wrinkles? A primer is one of the most important makeup tools you’ll ever need. A primer allows foundation to settle in and stay longer. It is a preparatory coat, usually a cream or lotion, to enhance coverage and lengthen the amount of time for cosmetics to stay. To date, there are four general kinds of primer: foundation, eyelid, lip, and mascara. Primers are usually infused with moisturizer, salicylic acid, fruit extracts, antioxidants and valuable vitamins. Active ingredients include cyclomethicone and dimethicone. Some primers may have added chemicals such as SPF and is available in two types of bases: water and silicone. Now, when you’re shopping for primers, what are the ways on how to choose the perfect under eye primer for wrinkles? Here’s the best under eye primer for wrinkles as well as the top four.

5. CoverGirl. This primer has a “three-minute facelift effect” with the potent Olay Regenerist Complex infused in each bottle of CoverGirl Primer. It not only conceals wrinkles and fine lines but it also helps reverse the signs of skin aging. It has an anti-aging complex that helps retain the skin’s elasticity and moisture.


5. CoverGirl. Click on the image above to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

4. Per-Fekt. This water-based primer is infused with vitamins, minerals, and alpha lipoic acid which repairs damaged skin and prevents the early signs of skin aging. It also has a potent gel formula that reduces pores, wrinkles, and enhances skin tone.


4. Per-Fekt. Click on the image above to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

3. Maybelline. Maybelline has been one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers worldwide. Now, it has a makeup primer that aims to provide coverage and give radiance to the skin despite what brand of foundation or makeup you’ll be using.


3. Maybelline. Click on the image above to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

2. Sue Devitt. This product is infused with valuable SPF 30 infused with a potent blue algae extract to prevent irritation, plus anti-aging ingredients to heighten the skin’s production of collagen. The product aims to giveskin a firmer and younger looking radiance that surpasses any other.


2. Sue Devitt. Click on the image above to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. Smashbox. This product has been the leading cosmetic product with its Photo Finish that’s ophthalmologist-tested and dermatologist-approved. It is non-acnegenic with potent ingredients to erase pigmentations, improve skin tone, texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. This, by far, is the best under eye primer for wrinkles.


1. Smashbox. Click on the image above to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Treating Dry Scalp: Best 7 Natural Shampoo

Have been searching for the best shampoo that really work for dry scalp? Check out these seven brands available on the market.

best-natural-shampoo-dry-scalpNowadays, there are many brands of shampoo that claim to be the best in solving problems like dry scalp. Most of them are filled with chemicals but which one of them is natural.

To begin with, the scalp is a very sensitive part of the human body. It should be well-taken care of everyday because it serves as the first line of defense of our brain. If the scalp is left damaged, it can lead to hair fall and massive hair and problems. Having a dry scalp can be a serious problem if not addressed immediately. It can lead to one having visible dandruff flakes or even scalp allergy which can be intensely itchy. But how can we solve these problems? What are the best natural shampoo for dry scalp available in the market? To help you, check these out:

7. Clear– Clear anti-dandruff shampoo is one of the newest brands in the industry. Clear products are basically claiming to solve hair problems including having dry scalp and have natural ingredients in all of their products.


7. Clear. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

6. Head and Shoulders– This brand is the one that started using Aloe Vera in their products. As we know, Aloe Vera has unlimited effects in our body especially in our head. Head and Shoulders products are proven effective against dandruff and other related hair problems.


6. Head and Shoulders. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

5. Guard- It basically guards our hair and scalp from bacteria. It has natural ingredients such as plants which are proven by Science to fight germs that cause the scalp to dry up.

4. Paul Mitchell– Tree oil is the main ingredient of all Paul Mitchell shampoos. And when we speak of tree oil, we know it’s natural and it’s also naturally effective.


4. Paul Mitchell. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

3. Aveda– All products of Aveda are made of combined plants and flowers. These ingredients help maintained a moisturized scalp.


3. Aveda. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

2. Nizoral– One of the longest living and most effective brands in the market. Even though some stores no longer have this, it’s one of the sought out brands due to all natural ingredients and massive capabilities against various problems in our hair and scalp.


2. Nizoral. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. NatruOil (Soap Nuts Natural Shampoo)– This is the best among all natural shampoos. NatruOil possesses all-organic compounds. This one doesn’t have Sulphate or Gluten in its ingredients. And, it’s effective against all hair and scalp problems.


#1 Best Seller: 1. NatruOil (Soap Nuts Natural Shampoo). Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

Now that you know the best brands of natural shampoo for dry scalp, you just have to choose which one do you think will work for you. Always remember that not all shampoos are suitable to all types of hair and scalp.