7 Tips for Choosing The Right Products for Sensitive Skin

Whether you struggle with persistent rashes and breakouts, frequent sunburns, or itching and flaking, your sensitive skin requires extra protection and care. Make sure you avoid irritants, use the right products and develop good habits to ensure your skin is comfortable and healthy. Below, we look at 7 tips for choosing the products for sensitive skin.

1. Choose Scent Free Products

Many perfumes in beauty products such as lotion and soap can be irritating to your skin. Choose products with labels that say “unscented” or “perfume free”. Laundry detergents are frequently perfumed, meaning you should select unscented soaps to wash your clothes to help solve skin problems. You can also try plant-based ones. Check out these best-selling plant-based laundry detergents on Amazon.

2. Skin Products That Contain Dyes

Have you ever thought where your green soap got its color? Products such as soap, lotion, laundry detergent and soap may contain harsh dyes that make them look appealing. Select products that state they are dye-free or are colorless if you can. We highly recommend Basis Sensitive Skin Bar.

3. Avoid Using Acidic Products

The acid present in many products can cause skin flare-ups if you have sensitive skin. Most facial cleansers have acids that assist to fight flare-ups. Look at the ingredients of the product you’re buying and avoid those that list acids.

Ingredients to look for include for include alpha-hydroxy acids, kojic acid, ascorbic acid and beta-hydroxy acids. Boric or borax acid is also present in many cleaners and soaps, which you should avoid.

4. Stay Away From Products That Contain Alcohol

Cleaning products, cosmetics and some medications have ethanol (or ethyl alcohol). One effect of alcohol is a drying effect on sensitive skin, which may result in irritation. Check the product ingredients and avoid those with this component if possible.

5 Use a Moisturizer with Soothing Ingredients

If your skin is prone to redness and itching, consider using a moisturizer with components such as chamomile, jojoba and aloe which soothe sensitive skin. Check out Burt’s Bees Daily Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin.

6. Buy Hypoallergenic Products

Allergic-type reactions that cause redness and itching should make you look for products with “hypoallergenic” labels. They have fewer ingredients, which cause allergic reactions to your skin.

7. Protect Your Skin from Chemical Products

Nail polish, hair dye and other products have Acetate an as an ingredient. Household products and shampoo may contain Sulfate. Hydroquinone is a chemical used for skin lightening and bleaching and may be found in cosmetics and lotions. These substances are unhealthy and can irritate your skin.

Make sure you check beauty product ingredients and read their online reviews to ensure you purchase the best ones.

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