Top 3 CC Creams That Are Not Greasy for Perfect Coverage

Problematic on what beauty regime and product could make you score sexier and youthful despite of aging and having skin imperfections? Worry no more for presented are the top 3 non-sticky CC creams.

Lumene Time Freeze CC Cream Anti-Age and Color Correcting Cream


Affordable but extraordinary, Lumene Time Freeze CC cream incorporates SPF 20 ultraviolet rays protectors to your skin allowing its aging process to slow down and hinders development of unwanted skin imperfections. It has been formulated to cover up skin blemishes without that heavy feeling. Its semi-matte finish even out the skin tone without wearing easily, making you feel at ease and confident all day long. It serves as a perfect make up foundation and primer with its capability to balance skin discoloration, and it is very practical to invest because it is primarily designed to act as a six in one foundation that contours skin color, specifically redness.

Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream


Scoring 4.3 out of 5 in consumer reviews, Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream is a silky 8 in 1 primer that is best in getting rid and concealing unwanted wrinkles, fine lines and skin flushes. It is formulated with a SPF30/PA++ so that every woman can go out under the sun without worrying about her skin getting dull and sun-damage. Additionally, the product’s wrinkle and stress care essence provide a huge benefit to ones skin by removing skin discoloration and redness without developing different pigmentations. It also acts as a moisturizer, allowing the skin to look bright and glowing even without additional make up.

Dr. T’s Supergoop! SPF 35 Daily Correct CC Cream


With its all natural components and antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6, derived from bio friendly solutions, Dr. T’s Supergoop! SPF 35 Daily Correct CC Cream is the best CC cream available in the market. It is the only CC solution infused with triple ultra violet ray protection, giving the skin maximum defense against the harmful effects of the sun. It has the ability to blend though any type of skin tone, and it formulated to naturally hydrate the skin even if it is exposed to sunlight. Its air light, self-adjusting and easy-to-blend formula is very complimenting and convenient to use in any make up setting and skin type.

Truly, Dr. T’s Supergoop CC Cream is the best primer choice for consumers because it does not only enhance the beauty of the skin through its organic ingredients, it also rejuvenates the skin – making it look more youthful and flawless without too much effort.

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