Best 3 Video Editing Software for Wedding

Looking for the best video editing software for wedding? Check out these three software that have good quality.

3. Digital Hotcake Wedding Essentials. This product garnered 4 stars of 5. Although this software is not popular yet, but this has been one of the few software available that specifically specializes in weddings. Platform for this software includes Windows NT, Vista, 2000, 95, XP, 98, and MAC OS X. Available from the price of $79 and up, this software includes professional quality, compatibility with all video editing software, movie files available in AVI and Quicktime, and overlays with chroma-key green as well as alpha channel. The product also includes wedding video intro and outro sets, awesome transitions, amazing overlays, as well as looping wedding backgrounds best for any wedding video. This product is available in DVD-ROM.

2. Movavi Video Editor 8 Personal Edition. Although it may not specifically for weddings but this product also have its perks. It gained 4 out of 5 starts with 19 customer reviews plus 5 answered questions. Available at the low price of $39.99, you get yourself your very own video editor at home for all types of video editing. It contains an output to multiple media such as DVD, camera, TV-tuner, web cam, camcorder, even VHS, with export straight to your DVD. Plus, it has its very own built in burner. It has multiple input and output formats best suited for video, image files, and audio. Moreover, it also has filters such as picture-in-picture, noise removal, chroma key, crop and many more. You also get your very own preview window – wherein you can refine your work more and save time rather than converting and saving before editing it again. You can easily export your work to iTunes, PSP, Facebook, and even Youtube. Your platform must be in Windows Vista/ 7/ 8/ XP. Media is in the form of software download.


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1. Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite. This product garnered 4 out of 5 stars in Amazon with an astonishing 215 customer reviews and 39 answered questions. Although this may be a bit expensive – at the price of $75.86 – but it is worth every penny. You can edit and produce movies with awesome movie special effects plus transitions. You get the liberty to create DVDs – and even Blu-Ray disc media – with graphics and custom menus. This software is user-friendly so it doesn’t take you a lot of time learning it. The product also employs a powerful Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 and you can easily share movies on Youtube, iPod, iPhone, online, and even on Pixel Cast. As mentioned, this software is user-friendly complete with Show Me How plus learn as you go tutorials.


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