10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls Ages 5 – 7 Years Old

Everyone wants the best for their little girl, especially after she first starts school. You want to buy her the most entertaining, educational gifts, but, of course, you don’t want to lose your life savings it. Never fear—you have tons of Christmas present options good enough to come from Santa himself that won’t leave you broke for the season. Keep reading for a list of the top 10 beneficial-yet-fun Christmas gifts for girls ages 5-7.

10. Uncle Milton – Moon in My Room


Nurture her inner astronomer with this unique lunar clock. Every day, she’ll look for the new lunar phases, and, once in a while, the realistic solar eclipses. These will match the real moon outside, which, soon enough, she’ll take an interest in. Kids will also love playing imaginative games with the lifelike moon landing noises in the background. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

9. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register


At this age, girls want to imitate just about every grown-up they see, and cashiers are no exception. With this toy, she can play all her favorite make-believe games while learning important calculation and money skills. You’ll have a little banker on your hands in no time. Even if she isn’t thrilled at the idea of a cash register right away, the pretty pink design and realistic “cha-ching” sounds will soon draw her in. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

8. ALEX Toys Gigantic Step & Play Piano


The next Mozart could be anywhere. Maybe it’s your daughter or niece? With this toy, you’ll easily find out. Your favorite little girl will get much needed exercise running around on this giant piano mat. At the same time, she’ll explore her creative side, playing songs that she knows or writing new ones. Parents will appreciate the easily-cleaned vinyl and portability of the mat. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

7. Crayola Inspiration Art Case – Minions


Okay, maybe she isn’t the next Mozart, but what if you have a young Picasso on your hands? Girls will love the very popular Minions theme, but they’ll soon come to value the 150 crayons, colored pencils, and markers even more. If she’s not the creative type right away, don’t fret—the set comes with Minion-themed coloring pages to help her get started. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

6. Creativity for Kids – Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium


She may be too young for a pet, but this terrarium can help her prepare for the responsibilities. Your little girl will love the glow in the dark stickers and animal figurines so much that it will quickly become the centerpiece of her cutely-decorated room. At the same time, she’ll learn how to complete daily tasks by ensuring that her plants get water every day. By next year, she’ll be ready for that puppy or kitty! Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

5. Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only


Want to help your daughter make it to the top of the class in science? Start with this easy, accessible science kit, complete with a whimsical wizarding theme. She’ll feel like the next Hermione Granger while she makes magic hats, hocus pocus powder, and glow-in-the-dark potion. At the same time, she’ll learn important skills about experimenting and following directions, along with, of course, the ever popular cleaning up after oneself. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

4. Barbie Pop-Up Camper Vehicle


Between her extensive wardrobe and various careers, little girls can’t get enough of Barbie. She does, after all, encourage creative, imaginative role-play. Help your little girl come up with the best ideas of all with this Barbie camper. The features seem almost endless: it has three stories, the front cab turns into a bathroom, and there’s even a swimming pool hiding underneath the van. With help from this toy, she’ll come up with the most creative games that you’ve ever heard. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

3. Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear


Introduce your little girl to the world of computer technology with this cute, cuddly bear. While she admires its sweet face, she’ll be to learn new games and stories. What’s the secret? The bear comes with nine “Smart Cards,” each associated with a different story or game, which the bear visually recognizes. Through a smartphone app, parents and children can unlock new, exciting activities. If she’s not quite ready for an easily breakable laptop or tablet, this bear makes quite the fun, durable introduction to the computer world. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

2. Monster High Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Luna Mothews Doll


The pretty-yet-creepy Monster High dolls are very popular with little girls. It’s easy to see why. This doll comes with a “fierce” moth-themed outfit, a stand and brush for styling her hair, and her own unique story about going to the “Boo York” gala. Your little girl will have a great time playing imaginative games with this doll and coming up with unique hairstyles and outfits. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa’s Musical Bicycle Playset


If there’s any toy a 5-year-old girl is absolutely sure to love, it’s one from Frozen. The movie remains immensely popular with elementary school kids; it seems like they all know the words to every single song. With this “bicycle” set (complete with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf dolls), she can act out her favorite scenes from the movie and flex her creativity muscles by developing her own stories. If you need a gift that’s sure to not end with tantrums or rejections, this one, our top pick for girls ages 5-7, is it. Click here for updated price and consumer reviews on Amazon.

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