Top 3 Wristband Activity Tracker for Fitness

Ready, set, go! Go for that active-fit lifestyle, challenge yourself to go beyond your limit, and be amazed on what you can possibly achieve by tracking your daily activity through the most innovative activity management device today.

Grab these three items now to have that fast track of your life.

3. ForTech Slims Bracelet Watch Pedometer.


Monitor and be able to manage your moves easily with ForTech Slims Bracelet Watch Pedometer. It has a sleep, temperature, and time monitoring displays that are very useful in balancing your body exercises. This modern activity tracker can provide you accurate counts of steps and moves taken during an exercise. It provides measures of burned calories and body temperature, allowing you to regulate your body routine. ForTech Slims Bracelet Watch can be worn in different environmental settings due to its water and dust resistant nature. It is also helpful in managing your sleeping time, and it is very comfortable to wear.

2. FITBIT Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband.


Cool and manly, these are the primary features of FITBIT. Just like any other activity tracker, this equipment allows you to monitor your sleep, distance travelled, and calories taken and burned. The special feature which makes this tracker unique is it has a silent alarm mechanism that can help you manage your sleeping time without disturbing other people. It comes in a slim dark colored body, making it cool and classy to wear daytime or night.

1. Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor.


The most recommended activity tracker in today’s market. Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor is an innovative tracker, it does not require any battery charging. Its energy pack can last up to 6 months, and it is equipped with different light circles that allow its user to visibly regulate the activity taken 24 hours a day, even under too much sunlight. Misfit is water and dust resistant, thus it is highly recommended to runners, swimmers, bikers, and the like.

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